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The staff predictions have been about as accurate as Derek Anderson's passes this year, all over the board. What do we think about what's going to go down in Husky Stadium on a rowdy Saturday night? Can anyone possibly pick against the Dawgs in that environment? Let's find out . . .

Joe Kaiser, Columnist. Record: 6-2. Wasn't it just a couple years ago that this Oregon-Washington matchup had become the biggest rivalry on the west coast? How times have changed. That's what losing does. But nevertheless, the Ducks head into Seattle for a night game at Husky Stadium coming off a big win over Stanford. This is reason to get excited. The Dawgs are reeling due to injuries on both sides of the ball, and need this one to help make a late-season push. Look for Cody Pickett to pick apart the Oregon secondary, and for a freshman receiver to score for the first time all year in this game for the Dawgs.

Prediction: Washington 37, Oregon 24

Dawn Van Diest, Sports Washington. Record: 5-3. Well, here's to hoping that lightning, um, make that ‘lightning yellow' doesn't strike tomorrow night. Will Husky fans be fortunate enough to witness the dreaded Ducks getting beat in those lovely fluorescent uniforms? The Dawgs just won't lose three home games in a row … no way!

Prediction: Dawgs 29, Ducks 21

Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 5-3.
Oregon's DB's will be in for a LONG night. Cody is banged up, but will be drooling when looking at that secondary. Look for the Dawgs to dance on the ‘W' this year. Quacks take the gas pipe.

Prediction: Dawgs 31, Ducks 17

Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 5-3. Oregon will jump out to a quick lead, but I think that the nighttime, national TV setting will stir something within the Dawgs, and they will grit their way back. Oregon's scores will be the stuff of highlight reels, while Washington's will be grittier and emanate from the ground game. Ultimately, a semi-sparse Husky crowd will spur Washington on to victory, by getting loud when needed.

Prediction: Washington 27, Oregon 24

Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 5-3. The Huskies have been like the stock market these last few years. Sometimes down and under performing. Sometimes up showing the promise you expected. Overall, though, just plain flat. If the team plays with few mistakes they are good enough to win. The key is to hold down the mistakes - penalties, turnovers, dropped passes. I just not sure that this team, in this condition, young & inexperienced in many positions, will be error free. To steal a line from my e-pal Sean, I expect this will be one of those tight, back and forth games where whichever team has the ball last will most likely fumble it away to lose the game.

Prediction: Washington 35, Oregon 33

Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 5-3. Dawgs win! Dawgs win! Dawgs win! With grudge matches, the numbers and analysis can go out the window. Last time Oregon came to pay a visit on the Dawgs was 1999. 34-20 was the result. Oregon is having a better season, so we'll give 'em an extra score.

Prediction: Washington 34, Oregon 27

Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 4-4. My 15 minutes of fame are over. As are wild dreams of roses. But the season is not over. The Fighting Hi-Liters are in town for a Saturday night fight at the old ball yard at Montlake. The Huskies are wounded, missing several starters and back ups, lacking talent in all areas, losers to Nevada, dancers on the Zero, Neuheisel recruits, or any other excuse we have heard this year. So what, we are still better than Oregon. Or else. Sayeth the old duck fighter.

Prediction: Dawgs 37, Ducks 27

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 4-4. I typed this in Russian, but it made the entire story look funny, so here it goes: Some see the glass half-empty. Others see the glass half-full. I stare up at the moon and ask "what in hell am I standing outside on a freezing October night with a stupid half-empty glass when I could be inside watching the Gilligan's Island marathon on TVLand." So I will go with the same forecast as last week. For you can make a meat loaf, but you can't make a potato run. Not unless you microwave it on HIGH in aluminum foil for three hours.

Prediction: Washington 34, Oregon 31 (in 3 OTs)

Henry Han, Intern. Record: 4-4. After starting my prediction season off 4-0, I crashed and burned (like the Huskies) to 4-4. This is a big week for the Huskies. Knowing full well that Oregon will be dancing on the sacred "W" should they win, I think the Huskies will have an extra incentive to defeat their rivals to the south. With the injury bug in full swing, however, that task is easier said than done. I do not want to see a bunch of green and lightning yellow dancing on our "W." Please do not allow this for happen. I have faith in you.

Prediction: Washington 33, Oregon 27

Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 4-4. After speaking to several coaches about last weekend's game, and watching the film with another, I'm not backing down from my thought that this team is getting better. USC was just too good, and even Don James said that Washington's effort against USC would've beaten a lot of teams. This week Oregon will tell us how much the Huskies have improved from last week despite coming off of a loss. The Ducks are talented but they are not USC. Washington will be ready for them, and somehow get through the injuries and pull it out.

Prediction: Washington 23, Oregon 20

David Samek, Publisher. Record: 4-4.Washington was beaten by a superior team last weekend. They had one sliver of an opportunity and when they didn't cash in, it went south in a hurry. The Ducks are not as talented as USC. Don James said after the USC game, "Washington would've beaten a lot of teams today with the way they played," and I took a lot from that statement. Washington IS improving, and they are ready to take the Ducks, even without ET. Watch for Sonny Shackelford to pick up the slack and for Kenny James to come up big on the ground.

Prediction: Washington 28, Oregon 20

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