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Over Rated – clap clap – clap clap clap
Race Bannon with special reporting by Mallard N. Moore

The Washington Huskies showed that the century of dominance over Northwest foes continues into this second century of athletic competition. Another rout of a talkative would-be usurper of the crown sent the Husky nation home happy Saturday night from Husky Stadium.

The Oregon Ducks were making a rare Seattle appearance because the wily Bill Moos had to give something to get the next five or six games played back in Eugene. The Ducks had not migrated north since 1999.

"You can see why we like to avoid this hell hole, " grumbled Moos as he examined resumes of coaching candidates while quietly dreading the phone call from "The Owner" that was sure to come. "We'll see what we can do with the league to see that we never have to return again."

The Huskies tried to give the Ducks a sporting chance by starting seldom used back up Casey, or is that Corey, we better get that straight now, Paus for the second half. All that the underrated Paus did was spark the lethargic Dawgs to a rout of the lippy Fowl from Eugene. Your faithful correspondent had written Paus off in anticipation of local favorite Isaiah Stanback taking the reins when Cody departs. Paus served notice that a fight is in store for the glamorous position of Top Dawg at QB - U. What do you think, Mallard?

MNM: 84-24; 3 out of 4; 58-33-5 SIR.

Right you are Mallard, and a good point you make.

The Washington Huskies spotted Oregon their obligatory 2 score lead before charging back with 42 straight points for the second straight year. The Ducks continue to struggle with improv work after their Academy Award winning scripts run out. Perhaps some of the Nike copywriters could be put on the staff to whip something up during the games so the offense doesn't go stale.

Once again, the end of the game found Washington taking a knee to save the Ducks from further humiliation. In the second half only Washington could stop Washington.

It was a balanced attack for Washington as frosh sensations Kenny James and Shelton Sampson combined for over 250 rushing yards against the alleged stout Duck rush defense. Paus showed a nice touch on the deep ball, as the over rated and slow Reggie Williams once again ran free behind the Duck defense. Do you have anything to add to that, Mallard?

MNM: Reggie has 21 catches for 328 yards and 4 touchdowns in two games against Oregon SIR.

I cannot argue with that Mallard, he does sound over rated.

The Dos Palos Legend and the Speedster from Tacoklahoma were the revelation on the night as the coaches went to the running game when Cody Pickett finally took one shot too many and was forced to miss the second half of the game after suffering a concussion. Cody showed his heart and leadership by staying with the team even though he was in pain and somewhat disorientated. No one will ever question his toughness. We know that Cody will be back with both guns blazing, and he will find a more complete team that seemed to find itself in his absence.

Sampson had 131 yards on only 6 carries and James ran inside and out for another 100 yards and sparked the rout on the first possession of the third quarter with a long run off the left side. Mallard?

MNM: Keith Lewis is still looking for his jock somewhere on the Husky Stadium field turf. ET is now a two game wonder and Lewis is still wondering how he missed that tackle on the two yard line. He spent his night either getting pancacked or juked out of his shoes. He was the main run support, and will be sued for lack of support. The only dancing he did was a shadow box with Khalif Barnes. 84-24; 3 out of 4; 58-33-5; thank you sir may I have another?

Fans were able to reminisce about those days gone by when Mike Bellotti was the terror of the Northwest and threatened to over take the Huskies. Now his job is the only thing that is threatened. The ghost of the tunnel trashing was exorcised Saturday night and the Gilby regime got a much need big win over a former contender. Pac 10 play continues to be a mystery to Bellotti, who now welcomes Jeff Tedford back to Eugene next week. I almost feel sorry for the guy. Do you think the Ducks want our pity? Lets all take a knee.

The Ducks may still be rich, but throw out the cool and elite part, as the other illustrated sports magazine should be embarrassed for their fawning attention paid to one of their big advertisers. Time for Uncle Phil to write a bigger check, expand the locker rooms again, get a private jet for the team, increase the salary cap, work out some more rent deals – Just Do Something Phil!

Only one question remains – Was Rick Neuheisel wearing his Zero cap Saturday night?
As predicted, Trojans rout Cougs
Troy "Cubby" Wadsworth III

The final score as predicted right here was 45-17 Trojans. Well, USC fell a bit short of that mark, as they were only able to put up 43 points against the awesome WSU defense. They did exceed expectations on defense, as they held the Cougs to 16 points.

WSU rushed 25 yards in the wrong direction as they fell far behind the oft-maligned Husky rushing attack. Matt Kegel was battered and bruised as befitting a quarterback in the dangerous Palouse Puke spread offense.

The officiating was praised by all as some of the best and most impartial ever seen around these parts. If only Jim Walden were on the radio for WSU fans to hear him lament the flags and call out in his charming southern drawl, "Bob, that is a HORRIBLE CALL!! Our kids don't deserve such treatment." Such unbiased commentary is appreciated by all that are forced to listen to him. It just wasn't the same without him on Saturday.

The handsome and rich Trojans did whatever they wanted through land or air, in particular they gashed the alleged tough Cougar rushing defense. There is nothing like playing a good team to expose a bad one.

The Cougars have plenty of excuses and complaints as always as they killed themselves in the foot by not being able to accurately gauge a snap count all night long. Now they face the uncertain certainty of another Apple cup loss, but they will finish second in the NW Cup standings.

USC is Sugar Bowl bound. Another Trojan – Sooner classic waits on Bourbon Street.
Quick Picks

Arizona is a desperate ball club looking for a reason to believe. It is the job of the Huskies not to give them any hope. Washington is hardly so dominant that they can over look anyone. Indeed, UW can lose to anyone, as they proved earlier this year. Stay focused, play hard and bring home a win. The Huskies have shown that they retain a solid foundation of Northwest dominance, but their forays away from the friendly confines of the northwest have not been pleasant lately. Danger game!

UW – 24, UA – 16

UCLA suffered their first conference loss in a shocking game against the Buddy Ballers from Stanford. As befitting the Bruins and their coach, it was a quiet loss witnessed by a few hundred fans at Stanford Stadium. Washington State awaits, and the Cougs are also angry after suffering their first league loss in a blow out at SC. Since this is in Pullman, and the Bruins aren't playing the Huskies, we make a rare pick of a Coug win.

WSU – 3, UCLA – 2

The lingering magic of Jeff Tedford makes a return to Autzen as the Cal Bears take on the Oregon Ducks in an audition game for the next coach of the Ducks. Oregon needs one more league win to get to 3-5 this year, and this will be a tough one for them to do it with. Cal is back on fire and is the only team to beat the soon to be national champions. A tough assignment for the Ducks, but then again, Cal may be over rated, right Keith?

Cal – 45, UO – 25

USC and Oregon State have the week off as their game was moved to next February for reasons long since forgotten.

Around the World: The Vaunted Canes suffered their first regular season loss since getting spanked in Seattle in 2000...Virginia Tech cleared the way for USC to go to Bourbon Street...Oklahoma crushed their country cuzzins...Michigan and Ohio State remain on track for a Rose Bowl clash...Texas swamped Nebraska behind young Vince Young...Olympia High is unbeaten and headed to the play offs...Rainier Beach will play for the Metro title behind improved quarterback play...My money is on the Vikes...not that we encourage gambling on high school sports...meanwhile in the real world the University of Washington continues to crumble around the reign of error that surrounds the athletic department....It has our full vote of confidence, as well as the vote of all of our rivals...Beware the wounded Wildcat – let's build some big Mo and Go Dawgs Go!

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