Dawgbytes - 11/5

With each passing day, the chances that Washington quarterback Cody Pickett will play this Saturday afternoon against the Arizona Wildcats increase like the temperatures in the desert. The Huskies will welcome the change in temps, but will the 'Cats play the role of accomodating hosts to the unwelcome visitors from the north?

"I remember back to '98, when we had 'The Leap'," Husky head coach Keith Gilbertson said Wednesday afternoon. "And since then it seems like every game with them has been within 3 to 4 points. I've come to expect games like 31-28, 32-28, 34-31...games like that. I'm used to these games going down to the wire."

Gilbertson hasn't faced Arizona interim head coach Mike Hankwitz sine Hankwitz was at Colorado. "I keep thinking back to the '90 game we played against them," Gilbertson said. "He's a very sound, fundamental football coach. Everybody is where they are supposed to be. I keep thinking that we had to take what was given and not to be impatient."

The Huskies did a good job of that against Oregon Saturday night, running for 261 yards. Despite their efforts in the run game, Gilbertson still thinks there's one thing the 'Cats will try and take away. "It makes your team better and more difficult to defend if you're two-dimensional," Gilbertson said. "But I'm sure they are going to be very aware of where number 1 (Reggie Williams) lines up. I'm not in their huddle, but I would think that would be their first order of business."

So who is going to be handing the ball off to Kenny James or throwing the ball to Williams and Charles Frederick? "He's just the same as he always is," Gilbertson said of Cody Pickett, who suffered a concussion against Oregon and was held out the second half.

"We're going to limit his reps, but then he's angry all day. He wants to go. There's no question he'll start. I saw him in the weight room this morning, lifting and jumping rope. He says he feels great."

With the effort Casey Paus put forth in leading the Dawgs to a 35-0 second half against the Ducks, Gilbertson is supremely confident Casey could come in when needed without a hitch.

"Except for the one pass he threw at UCLA, he's been throwing the ball great," Gilbertson said. "I wouldn't be reluctant to put him in at all if I had to. But there aren't any plans to bring him in for a series or anything like that."

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