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With one more win, the Dawgs will be bowl-eligible. It's a far cry from the lofty goals that this team had in the summer, but an 8-win season still would be OK given the off-the-field drama this bunch has had to endure. Here is what the staff thinks will happen in the desert.

Joe Kaiser, Columnist. Record: 7-2. Washington is coming off three solid performances in a row, and will look to become bowl eligible with a win over Arizona, a team that has just one win on the season. Look for the Dawgs to continue to utilize their freshman duo in the backfield, breaking the game open in the second half. Pickett or Paus – it won't matter.

Prediction: Washington 36, Arizona 17

Dawn Van Diest, Sports Washington. Record: 6-3.
Simple formula:

Huskies play like second half against the Ducks = another win on the road.

How's that for rocket science….

Prediction: Dawgs 37, Wildcats 21

Kim Grinolds, Business Operations. Record: 6-3.
Heading down to the desert to cover this one, it will be nice to get some sun. However, this game spells danger. Arizona has absolutely nothing to lose, and even without Clarence Farmer they're still a Pac-10 football team. One that is capable of putting it all together for one game. Will this be the one? I fear so, because of Washington's road woes. The win over Oregon State was nice, but weird things happen to Washington in warm weather.

Prediction: Wildcats 45, Washington 10.

Derek Johnson, Columnist. Record: 6-3. While I have some concern that the fact that Oregon gave up against Washington made the Dawgs look better than they are, I still feel like this team is improving. Getting off to a great start is very important in this game. If UW trails in the 3rd quarter and the hometown Wildcat fans get a sense that they could actually win a game, it could be tough. I'm betting on a fast start.

Prediction: Washington 30, Arizona 23

Pat Thrapp, Columnist. Record: 6-3.
Arizona lost to Oregon and Oregon State by a combined score of 100 to 33.
Washington beat Oregon and Oregon State by a combined score of 80 to 27.
UW should not lose this game.

Prediction: Washington 38, Arizona 10

Chris Fetters, Editor. Record: 6-3. Not that this game should have been in doubt beforehand, but the day Clarence Farmer was kicked off was the day the 'Cats fate was signed, sealed and delivered. Arizona has only 19 sacks so far this season, which means Cody Pickett should have all day to do his business. Throw in the worst rush defense in the Pac-10, and the Dawgs should be able to score at least three points every time they touch the ball. If the defense can fly to the ball and swarm like they have shown against the Oregon schools, it won't be pretty.

Prediction: Washington 45, Arizona 10

Race Bannon, Columnist. Record: 5-4. "Arizona Wants Me" was a bad song. Contrary to the assertion of Keanu Reeves in "Speed," Arizona is a bad football team. Pop culture references are the first sign that there is no ‘X and O' approach to this game. UW shows up and plays hard and hangs onto the football – they win. UW turns the ball over and gives Arizona hope, they lose. This is the week the Dawgs break the up and down cycle as they roll big in the desert.

Prediction: Dawgs 55, Wildcats 21

Rick Samek, Columnist. Record: 5-4. So, let's see ... the actual spreads for Husky games this year has gone like this: Lost by 19, won by 25, won by 31, won by 11, lost by 30, lost by 11, won by 21, lost by 20, won by 32. That's an average differential of 22.2 points per game, with nary a nail-biter in the bunch. It's been a feast-or-famine season, with nothing in between. Home or away, week-after-week, fans have been leaving the stadium in droves with many minutes remaining. And now, Washington is supposed to be winning this one by two touchdowns or more. Arizona has lost eight straight by an average of 40-12. Looks to be more of the same, right? Oh ye of little faith.

Prediction: Washington 34, Arizona 31 (in 3 OTs)

Henry Han, Intern. Record: 5-4. This is the type of game that predictors are afraid of. I always think that teams on losing streaks have the most to prove and are the most dangerous. But the Wildcats just do not have the weapons to beat Washington. Can anyone even name three players on the Arizona roster without taking a breath? Remember, Clarence Farmer is no longer on the team. With that being said, Washington will come out with a win, but it will be closer than people think.

Prediction: Washington 31, Arizona 24

Dick Baird, Columnist. Record: 5-4. Washington needs to win, and win big. They need to make a statement that will get the ball rolling for the final two games of the season. Watch for a couple of wrinkles from Gilbs on the running game tomorrow, and watch for Cody Pickett to be ready to go, of course. That is one tough kid, and he'll lead his team to their sixth and bowl-qualifying win in the desert.

Prediction: Washington 30, Arizona 10

David Samek, Publisher. Record: 5-4.Washington seemed to have really gotten the running game going, albeit against a pathetic Oregon Duck defense that absolutely rolled over and died. 42 unanswered points for the second straight year is humiliating for a team that is supposed to hate you. Now comes Arizona, who will be loose, have nothing to lose, and will play with reckless abandon. Washington, on the other hand, may be tight going into this one. It is the most "winnable" game left on their schedule, and would provide them with their 6th and bowl-insurance win. Can the Dawgs get up for this one and play as loose as they did against Oregon? Yes, and no. Huskies win, but it's very close.

Prediction: Washington 21, Arizona 17

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