Post Arizona game player quotes

Washington dominated the first quarter, and then promptly went to sleep until they went down by 11. They killed themselves with untimely penalties, defenders filling wrong gaps and missing tackles, a crucial dropped pass, and a crucial over throw. This is not a good enough team to rebound from mistakes like that.

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  • Washington ran the ball well in the first half with redshirt freshman Kenny James carrying the load. "I had some opportunities, but we kept getting into the red zone and then giving it up," said James. "We missed a field goal and made some mistakes down there, and you just can't do that in this game."

    "We were moving the ball up and down the field out there. There was a lot of enthusiasm but things just didn't go our way today. We really hurt ourselves. I mean, we made some really nice drives but they didn't pan out. We really need to learn to take care of the ball."

    James then summed up pretty much what has happened all year to Washington when adversity strikes this team.

    "We practiced great all week. But we just came out here and at some point in this game we stopped executing."

    James then once again lamented the mistakes as the offense neared the kill zone. "We had a good game plan coming in, but once you get into the red zone, you really have to score."

    Cody Pickett "This is very hard to take. We had a lot of opportunities tonight but we couldn't put it in the end zone. We didn't capitalize on them. We have to go out and play harder next week."
    ,br> On the play where he overthrew Williams late in the fourth, it was an improv that didn't quite work out. "It wasn't the play we had drawn up. His guy fell down though, and he ran to the corner. I tried to throw it up there for him, but I just lead him by a little bit too much," said Pickett.

    When asked if he has an injury that has made it more difficult for him, Pickett scoffed. "I'm fine. I just missed the guy. That's all."

    "We didn't play well. We had them on the ropes and it shouldn't have come down to what it did in the fourth quarter. We had too many mistakes. We shot ourselves in the foot time and time again."

    When told that Gilbertson was giving thought to replacing him in the game, Pickett shrugged and said, "He's the coach. That's why he gets paid money, to do what he needs to do."

    WR Jordan Slye made his first start of his career and had three receptions. "It felt good for my first start, and to catch a couple of balls. I worked with Cody a lot during the week."

    Senior LB Greg Carothers put it very bluntly. "We lost the f–-king game. I'm pissed. I'm not shocked, they played well and they beat us," he said in frustration. "We got beat. They came out like they had nothing to lose and we played like we had everything to lose. We're pissed. We just lost the f–king game to a team that we should've never lost to."

    Did the Huskies overlook Arizona and not take them as serious as they should've?

    "Evidently we didn't," said Carothers as he disgustedly walked away. Top Stories