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DT Haloti Ngata visits Seattle

Big <b>Haloti Ngata</b> is a 6'4" 300-pound lineman from Highland High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Ngata made the pilgrimage from SLC to Seattle, Washington to see the Washington Huskies take on the USC Trojans. This was Ngata's second official visit, the other one being an earlier trek to <b>Nebraska</b>.

"Well, we did a tour of the campus," Ngata told tonight. "It was really nice. I enjoyed seeing all the structures. It's a pretty campus. I liked it a lot. We also ate at places like the Met (Metropolitan Grill). I had a 50-ounce steak!"

Haloti's a big man, but not big enough to tackle that much beef. "No way (laughs). "It was the biggest steak I'd ever seen."

Husky Stadium was another thing that caught Haloti off-guard. "I was surprised. The stadium was huge. I was surprised at how big it was. I got a chance to go down to the sidelines during the pregame."

Surprisingly enough, Ngata found a friendly face among the throng of purple and gold. "I knew some of the redshirts. I knew Willie Kava (his official host). I met him at the Utah football camp. We talked for a little bit. He told me about how he got to Washington."

And the game? "The game was really exciting," he said. "I thought they were going to lose there for a while, but they pulled it out at the end."

Haloti hooked up with another recruit for most of the game. "I mainly talked to Scott White," he said of the linebacker from Mission Bay High School in San Diego. "He was there from California. We talked about things. We talked about committing."

Committing? Sound serious. "Yeah...well, not really," said Ngata. "I thought about it. I got caught up in the emotion of it."

And Scott? "He really was thinking about it, but in the end neither one of us did. But we both had a really good time."

Before heading to Seattle, Haloti took a trip to Lincoln, Nebraska to visit Big Red. "It was a great visit," said Ngata. "I toured the school, basically the same things we did during the Washington trip. We got to hang out on the sidelines during the pre-game and then chilled with the players after the game was over."

Which trip did he enjoy more? "I think Nebraska was just a little better," he said. "It looked to me as if Nebraska had better educational support."

Even though he liked his visit to Lincoln just a little bit more, Ngata was adamant that the Cornhuskers are not on top right now. "Both Washington and Nebraska are at the top of my list," he said. "Both are even right now."

With two trips under his belt, Ngata feels he's seen all he needs to see to make a decision. "I don't think I'm going to take any more trips," he said. "It's pretty much between Washington and Nebraska. I kind of want to get my decision over with, but I think I'm going to wait until December. That will give me time to talk to coaches and ask a lot of questions."

In the meantime, Ngata has to get Highland back on track. "We're 2-3 right now," he said. "We play Murray on Friday,". Haloti is playing both ways, but couldn't remember any of his personal stats at the time of this conversation. "I don't know how many tackles I have, but I feel like I'm finally playing the way I think I can," he said. "Murray's lines are really good, so it's going to be a good test for us. We need to work really hard to get a win." Top Stories