Head Coach Keith Gilbertson

A very down-trodden Keith Gilbertson addressed the media in a tunnel underneath Memorial Stadium. His homecoming back to Strawberry Canyon had to have been one of the most painful things he's had to endure, with his team not even competitive in this blowout.

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  • "We got beat in every way imaginable. We refused to get off of a block, we refused to tackle, we didn't keep the ball in front of us, just gave up big plays. If my memory serves me correct, they didn't punt until 6:54 remaining in the third quarter. I think it was seven or eight straight possessions with points. It was just an awful, pitiful performance on defense," said Gilbertson.

    The defensive played poorly, but the offensive wasn't able to establish anything either. "Offensively, we really didn't do anything. We moved it sporadically. We never really mounted a charge. They beat us in every fashion."

    Gilbertson said that Cal didn't do anything to surprise them, but "they just played well."

    After the first play of the game, it was hard not to imagine that it was just going to be one of those days. "That just puts you in shock a little bit. It was really the same thing that happened a week ago. You have a safety in front and a corner behind, and we can't make a play," said Gilbertson.

    Gilbertson seemed to have spent a little more time with his team in the locker room than normal before coming out and talking to the media. Of course, he was asked what was being said there. "I told them I was damned embarrassed and I was real tired of it. It will change when they want to make a change. And if they don't do something about it, it's going to be this way until they get tired of playing like this."

    Again, trying to find an answer to what went wrong, Gilbertson said, "I think we played terrible on defense, I don't know what else to tell you."

    "Today, they just double-moved us and ran by us. They just ran the ball up inside there. We missed tackles and we didn't cover. There isn't anything magical about what they did. First play of the game we got two guys to cover one guy, and he makes a play and goes 80 yards. It's ridiculous."

    Gilbertson also expressed frustration over the defense and the fact that not too many injuries had plagued the defense, yet their play hasn't been any better. "Defensively, we've stayed relatively the same most of the season. Offense is where we've lost most of our players. We're down into the three-deeps at some positions, but certainly not on defense. It is just a sad day."

    When asked to compared last week's loss to Arizona to this week, Gilbertson responded, "Last week has its own set of markers. This one is different."

    Gilbertson refused to comment on whether he believed his players quit today.

    Gilbertson maintained that it is up to the players to find the pride to compete against WSU. "It's your arch-rival, the biggest game on the schedule, and a team that is as hot as any team. It's really just a pride shot, that's really all that's left."

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