Thank you to those of you that submitted questions for the "Ask Dawgman" column. Here are the answers to the some of the most recent questions. Washington is 4-0 and headed to the Rose Bowl, it's been a great opening to the season!

From Tim in Bellingham
Dear Dawgman: Will Graham Lasee redshirt this year, or will he contribute in some way? Thanks and great job on the site.

A: Lasee is following the regimen that the coaches had planned for him, and that was to arrive last winter, start getting his feet wet, and then redshirt this year while he builds size and strength. He is very athletic, the coaches just wanted to give him a chance to bulk up to 270 or bigger before he sees the field. By the time Bill Gillespie is done with him, he will be a solid defensive lineman because he can run and jump so well. Thanks for the nice comment about the site.

From Jakarta Dave
Dear Dawgman:
I am a Husky fan and enjoy keeping up with everything from my home here in Jakarta, Indonesia your site. There are a few other Husky fans here and we encourage each other on and update each other during the games, usually following over the Internet. Can you rundown the responsibilities of the defensive players? You often refer to the WILL and REB spots, but what are their responsibilities and how do they differ from the other spots. I am also a big Husky hoops fan since the days of "Det the Threat" and look forward to more coverage of the team.

A: WOW! That's awesome to know that we are able to reach Indonesia, welcome Dave! The responsibilities of the defensive players in a small nutshell:
NT - Cover the gap between the center and guard, stuff that (2) hole.
3-Technique (DT) - Cover the gap between the guard and tackle, stuff that (3) hole.
DE - Stuff the 5 hole, the one between the defensive end and the strong tackle. Force things back inside whenever possible.
REB - Rush End Backer, attacks the weak tackle one on one. Rush the QB and contain the run so it stays between the tackles.
SAM Outside linebacker that is responsible for the TE and to make sure that nothing gets outside the DE.
MIKE LB Inside linebacker that stuffs the middle, should be strong against the run.
WILL LB Inside linebacker that needs good foot speed, cleans up the mess that the MIKE creates. Should lead team in tackles if defensive scheme is working.
SS Run support is primary for a strong safety, but some coverage responsibilities, especially in a zone.
FS Coverage skills a must, free safety is normally the one that covers the deep area unless they cheat up in short yardage or blitz.
CB Cover the split end on the weak side and the flanker on the strong side of the offensive formation. Washington loves to play man-to-man with their corners but when they play zone the corners will follow their receivers until they leave their box and enter the safety's zone.

Hope this helps.

From Dodgerdawg
Dear Dawgman:
Hey, Dawgman. I'm a long time fanatic going back the Owens era, but this team and your website have driven me over the edge. Is there any talk of forming a Huskies Anonymous support group?

A: What a great idea! Maybe next season we can start meeting once a week somewhere central, to discuss ways to keep blood pressure down while waiting for the next Husky comeback. Thanks for the note Dodger.
From Brad J
Dear Dawgman:
Thanks for keeping up a great website! I'm wondering why the Pac-10 doesn't have every team play each other on the new 12 game schedule coming up? It just doesn't make any sense to me that UW and the other Pac-10 teams don't play 9 conference games and 3 non-conference instead of 8 conference and 4 non-conference.

A: It's a matter of money. The conference can make more money by going outside and scheduling someone else. Also, it allows teams that need another win to qualify for a bowl game a chance to schedule someone a bit easier than a Pac-10 opponent. The Pac-10 doesn't get the respect it deserves for being as deep as it is. As you know, any Pac-10 team can defeat any other on any given Saturday.
From Washington Bob in Corona, CA
Dear Dawgman:
Utah has a running back by the name of Adam this the same Adam Tate that did not qualify a few years ago at Washington and went to a California JC?

A: That is the same Adam Tate. He's a great kid and doing pretty well at Utah. After the NCAA didn't allow his transcript and he was forced to leave Washington, he went to Mt. San Antonio JC and played with Marcus Roberson. We had the chance to talk with Adam when we were covering Roberson's recruitment and Tate had a lot of nice things to say about Washington. It's a shame it didn't work out for him in Seattle but we wish him all the best. He's a load with the ball!
From Aloha Mike
Dear Dawgman:
Two questions; 1) When the Huskies QB gets behind center and points up field, what is he pointing at? 2) Why is it when the Huskies defeat opponents from the BIG TEN they seem to not give the Huskies credit for BEATING THEM? I saw Michigan seeming to handle the Dawgs for the third quarter but the D stepped up in the fourth and took the game over. Yet the Michigan coach says that they handed the game to the Dawgs. I saw the defense make two great plays to take the game away from " BIG BLUE". After the Rose Bowl, I was able to access a website for Purdue and the PURDUE coach said " if they would have made some third downs they would have beaten the HUSKIES. I was fortunate enough to be at the Rose Bowl and thought I saw a better team (HUSKIES) defeat a lesser team (PURDUE) with better offensive and defensive play. Could it be that the Dawg D just stopped the BOILERS' O?

A: Football coaches are extremely competitive. Michigan did play well enough to win and I'm sure Coach Lloyd Carr felt his team should've won. When Omare Lowe scored twice in 51 seconds, it was HUGE and it definitely was due to mistakes on Michigan's part. However mistakes are all part of the game, and Washington only made one and it only resulted in a safety when a punt got blocked. I've met Joe Tiller, coach of Purdue, and he honestly does believe that his team had a very legitimate shot at defeating Washington if a few more breaks would've gone their way. We spoke about that in Hawaii at the Hula Bowl, but he had nothing but nice things to say about the Huskies and their coaches. I never got the impression that either coach was taking anything away from the Huskies. Both are just allowing their competitive nature shine through. I do agree with you, however, that the better team won in both games, and that's what really matters. Thanks for the note.
From JSM
Dear Dawgman:
Is there any chance the Huskies would have a shot a redshirting Cleman with him missing most of the season? And Stevens where does he go from here now that he could miss most of the 2001 season and only playing a half vs. Michigan and a quarter vs. Idaho? I don't think he would come back for a 5th year but could this make it a very hard decision at this time? And what is up with D. Johnson at this point in the season? Thanks Dawgman.

A: Cleman definitely will have the opportunity to redshirt and return for 2002. The decision will be his. Stevens will also likely return, even though he would undoubtedly be drafted in the NFL. I think you will see Stevens take a long hard look at the NFL but likely return when he sees that his stock will go up with a big senior year. That foot injury was an awful thing to have happen to him. The one scenario I can think of where Stevens would leave is if he has a HUGE game against Miami, a HUGE bowl game, and then has a monster of a combine. Then all bets are off. Derrick Johnson is still rehabbing but all indications are that it is going well. A redshirt season is likely this year for him.
From Doug
Dear Dawgman:
I love your site for husky football recruiting. It seems like last year we had many more recruits verbally committed to the program by this time . Is there any reason why the numbers are down this year? Also on your 101 players list I did not see many players with an interest in the Huskies.

A: Washington is taking their time to evaluate more this year. This is a much more comfortable approach for coaches and I think you'll LOVE the results. Often times folks get so rabid about recruiting that they focus on who Washington DOESN'T get. I'll admit I was very much thinking like that when I first got into this business in the mid-1990s. Now, with some needed prodding from former UW recruiting coordinator Dick Baird, I try to focus on whom the Huskies DO get. The biggest reason is that these guys know how to recruit, and more importantly, they know how to coach. Once the new players arrive on campus this coaching staff will develop them into great football players regardless of how hotly they were recruited. It's VERY fun to follow the recruiting battles and is a neat way to pass the time when the off-season gets tough, but the bottom line is that Washington will attract great talent because of who they are, and they'll develop that talent into championship caliber teams because of the quality of coaching that is presently in place. This staff will not bring in a bad class, they are too good at what they do.

As for our Dawgman 100 and 101 lists, they will change a lot after the visits begin. Visits are the biggest recruiting tools that schools have and go a long way towards shaking out the recruits that are on the fence right now. Washington is just beginning their visits so you should see more verbals coming soon. VERY soon. Thanks for the note.

From JDawg
Dear Dawgman:
Does Marquis Cooper have the speed and lateral quickness to play one of the safety spots alongside of Carothers? If he does the foot speed, what do you think about converting him to a defensive back and then recruit Lance Mitchell from San Francisco City College as a power linebacker or a rush end? If possible I would like to get Carothers and Cooper on the field at the same time. Go Dawgs.

A: Cooper has bulked up quite a bit. He runs a 4.6 so he does have the foot speed to play safety but I think his instincts are more that of a linebacker. He's very good near the line of scrimmage and very good at getting his arms around a ball carrier and bringing him down with few yards after contact. I would love to see Lance Mitchell come in, too. He's a stud, but so is Scott White, the linebacker that visited last weekend. He's favoring Washington big over Oklahoma right now according to Greg Biggins at PacWest Football.
From Briskydlb
Dear Dawgman:
What happened to Josh Willams, Jim Rains, Kim Taylor and the CB from cal who needed an 820 SAT?

A: DL Josh Williams is playing hoops and attending Southern Idaho CC. OL Jim Rains will be at Washington in January, Kim Taylor will need an AA from a junior college to get into Washington, and Eric Shyne is retaking the SAT and should enroll at Washington in January with Rains. Both Rains and Shyne will count against the 25 LOI limit but will be "bounce backs", meaning their scholarships will count against the 2001 class.
From Mike in Bellevue
Dear Dawgman:
Great site! My question is about recruiting trips. When an athlete comes to town, what goes on? Who takes him around? What all goes on during his stay. Where does he sleep? If his parents come on the trip does the university pay for them? Does the university have so much money to spend for each recruit? Who picks them up at the airport? I'm sure the recruit spends a great deal of time with the players. Is there a limit to how much time the recruit can talk to the coaches? Sorry about all the questions. Taking a recruiting trip seems to me like a great time.

One more question. Are the Husky athletes on full training tables throughout the school year now? Thanks. All the info is great!!

A: The athlete arrives to Washington on a Friday afternoon, they'll get checked into a hotel and then are taken to dinner at the Met, Salty's, or the Space Needle. They also go out to eat on Saturday evening as well, paid for by the University. A current UW football player who will serve as their host entertains them. Saturday the athlete will tour the UW campus, meet with academic advisors of interest, and then tour the football facilities. Evening is free to spend with their host once they finish dinner. Sunday is spent at the Neuheisel home, and then they go to a breakfast function and must leave campus after 48 hours are up. There are other activities that go on during a visit but we'll not report them as they are private. Nothing illegal of course but some things should be a surprise for the recruits that are coming in. Also, Washington will change the agenda from time to time. Their families will often come visit with them as well. As far as the training table goes, all UW athletes are allowed to eat at the training table five times a week (which is full time). The players I've spoken to don't really prefer this, as they would rather have the old system of per diem checks as opposed to eating the food at the crew house, but the year around training table is a Pac-10 rule so they are eating more down there at the Connibear Shellhouse now since their per diem checks are much smaller in lieu of the new training table rule in effect. Thanks for writing Mike.
From JSM
Dear Dawgman:
I was just wandering how Fr. Junior Coffin is doing? Is he on either of the 2nd team or 3rd team DL? I hope the kid has a good Husky career! Thanks Dawgman

A: Coffin is working on getting his upper body strength where it needs to be. He's very athletic but is currently behind Josh Miller on the depth chart, third team DT. He's still maturing, as he played linebacker in high school. Once he reaches 280 pounds and his upper body begins to develop, Junior should be a great one. His lower body is already very thick, a good trait for an interior DL.
From R. Grinaker
Dear Dawgman:
What's wrong with Rich Alexis? I know Willie is a senior and playing like one, but he was hurt and it just seems like Rich is not taking advantage when he's in there. Is he too heavy? Something doesn't look right. Talking about not performing, I guess you can put Anthony Kelley in that category as well huh? Will ET get any time at receiver this year? I hope he's not getting discouraged. Why is Singleton ahead of Eriks at RB? I thought Ty was supposed to be more talented.

A: Rich is finding life without Tui difficult. You have to remember, Marcus Tuiasosopo was the most dangerous player in the Pac-10 last year and linebackers had to take him away, leaving the pitch man open often times. This year Alexis is having to find holes on his own more, and with only three years of experience, he's still learning. He's going to be just fine and I don't think that he's too heavy. He had a tough time working his body back into football shape but he's fine now. Willie Hurst has been playing tailback for 14 years while Rich has been playing it for three. That is why Willie's instincts are so much better at this point. Rich will be a great tailback at Washington, but he's going through a learning season this year. Charles Frederick is getting some snaps at receiver this year, but he's still pretty far behind in learning all of the routes. Also, when you put him out there you are going to have to either remove Arnold or Williams and those two have been money all year. Chris Singleton is ahead of Ty Eriks because he is more comfortable at tailback. This is Ty's first season as a tailback, he played fullback in high school. It's a big adjustment. Singleton is more natural at the position because of his experience. It's great to have depth back there, huh? Thanks for the questions, hope this was helpful.
From Lewis
Dear Dawgman:
Dawgman - Great site! I was wondering if you could give me a feel for how recruiting is going so far. Also, did we ever have a chance with Shelton Sampson?

A: Recruiting is going very well. The coaches, while they can't speak in specifics, are very excited about how much time they've been able to take in evaluating recruits and the quality of recruits that are still available. That early commit stuff doesn't excite the coaches, believe it or not. They prefer more evaluation time and less worrying about how well early commits might hold up. Shelton Sampson is currently a UCLA verbal but if he does visit Washington, all bets are off. The visit to Washington is one of the best in the Pac-10, which is why you can never rule out an athlete that is going to visit Washington.
From DKBak
Dear Dawgman:
Tell me about the progress of one Dan McCourtie 6'2" 230lbs runs a 10.68 in 100 meters.....How has he done so far.....This curiosity is motivated by past importance of Husky fullbacks

A: McCourtie is very raw and will benefit greatly from the redshirt season he's taking this year. He didn't show good hands early in camp and looked like he was a bit overwhelmed during two-a-days. Next year you will see a different McCourtie because he'll know what to expect and he'll have a year of football and school under his belt.

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