Scott White, who visited one of his favorite schools, the University of Washington this past weekend, and came away suitably impressed."> Scott White, who visited one of his favorite schools, the University of Washington this past weekend, and came away suitably impressed.">

White gives Purple and Gold a close look

When you are 6'2" and 230-pounds and can run a sub-4.6 40, you are a coveted athlete. When you back those physical stats up with 180 tackles as a junior in high school, you all of a sudden become a big-time college prospect. Such is the case for San Diego's <b>Scott White</b>, who visited one of his favorite schools, the <b>University of Washington</b> this past weekend, and came away suitably impressed.

"It was a GREAT trip," White told last night with emphasis. "I really like Coach Neuheisel, and my position coach, Coach Williams hit it off right away with me. We have the same mentality about the game. He wants to make guys the best they can be. All the coaches are like that, even the trainers...everybody involved, really." The TB/LB for the Buccaneers has been watching his game evolve as well, going for 7 TD's and 100 yards per game average as a bruising tailback. Defensively, he's racked up 51 tackles, 5 sacks and 1 pick through 4 games.

"To be honest, high school football is gettin' easy," White said, matter-of-factly. "I'm killin' them on offense. By the fourth quarter, those guys really don't want to be tacking me. They are tired of it. I'm getting a lot of respect on defense, but I'm still getting my tackles. It's good, though, because they are making it tougher for me, and I know it's going to be that way in college."

Speaking of college, his official trip to Washington this weekend provided plenty of fireworks for White. His host for the trip? Another San Diego native, Khalif Barnes. White also was able to spend some time with another friend and current Husky, Joe Toledo. "The atmosphere was great and Husky Stadium was rockin'," Scott said of the game-day experience. "It was a great game and afterwards we got a chance to go out and hang with the players. They really made me feel right at home. It was like they really wanted me there. I didn't feel out of place at all."

Let's backtrack a bit with some particulars. "I went from Friday night to Monday morning," said White, explaining his itinerary. " I went by myself, but I was also there with Haloti Ngata, another recruit. He really liked his trip too. The first thing I did was on Saturday morning. I met with one of the communications professors. I want to major in communications. We sat down and talked about the program, and the courses involved. Then I went to the game. I got a chance to check out the locker rooms, talk to the head trainer, Dave Burton, and hang out on the sidelines during the pre-game. I had a great time at the game. Then we went to the Met (Metropolitan Grill) for dinner."

The Met is famous for it's steaks, and White enjoyed a Met specialty. "I had the 21-ounce Porterhouse. Man was it good!"

It wasn't much in comparison to Ngata's 50-ounce thing of beauty. "I saw it!" White exclaimed in semi-shock. "He and Willie Kava got it. I looked at it and went, 'What?!'. There was no way I was ordering that thing. I can't eat all that meat!" (laughs)

White thought that dinner was one of the highlights of his visit. "Well, they had the Oregon-Arizona game on while we were eating, so we watched that. I got a chance to talk to the coaches and their families too during dinner. That was really nice. Then we went back to Khalif's house to get ready to go to a party, and then we went out."

Thus ends the first part of White's most excellent adventure, but according to Scott, it got better the next day. "On Sunday, we got to go back to the stadium to see the pre-game for the Seahawks. We also went to Coach Neuheisel's house for breakfast. That was really cool. His kids are the best. I love those guys. I really felt at home over there. Talking to Coach was cool. He's a genuine guy. He's not going to BS you at all. I thought it was great that he never pressured me once into commiting."

Maybe it was because Neuheisel knew he didn't have to, because Scott already had that thought running around like Maurice Greene in the back of his head. "Yeah, Haloti and I started talking about it at the game," he said. "I wanted to get his opinion on how it compared to his Nebraska trip. Then we started talking about seeing ourselves down there and playing, and we could both see it. I know he really liked it a lot. With family there and everything, I think he's going to go there. I think he will."

But what about Scott? Was he tempted to pull the trigger? "Well, I wanted to because, to be honest, I was blown away," White admitted. "But I know I have to go through the process to make sure I'm doing the right thing. I have to let the process take it's course."

The process has already been an ongoing one for Scott. "I went to Oklahoma the week before and had a great time. They have a really good program. They are right up there too. I've also got a trip set up for Louisiana State on December 1st. I don't think I'll be taking any other trips for a while after that, because I'll be playing in the CaliFlorida Bowl January 2nd, and I know I will need plenty of time to practice."

The Florida team pulled out a close win this summer, and White hopes he can spearhead a strong California team to victory in a few months, and he's trying to enlist the best of the best to help him get the job done. "We're going to do it this time around," he said. "I'm trying to get Lo Booker out there to play."

Scott has mixed emotions about how the 'process' is going to go for him from this point on out. "I really want to take all 5 trips if I can, but I'd really like to get the process over with now if I could," White said. "But I know I have to do this. It's been a great experience so far."

Who are the other potential visit possibilities? They start with the school of an old friend and former Mission Bay grad. "I'm thinking Ohio State," White said of his first choice. "My friend Ja Ja Riley is having a great time there and wants me to come out. Plus, my Mom is originally from Cleveland, so I have ties back there."

The others? "Notre Dame might be a possibility," he said. "I want to go out there and visit, but I'm not so sure now because the coaching situation isn't very stable right now. I'd like to check out Florida State. They have such a great program and I've always liked them, but they aren't recruiting me hard at all right now. And Colorado. I'm thinking I might take a visit to them as well. All the schools but Florida State have offered White a scholarship.

White then breaks out some intriguing news for Husky fans. "There's another player from Mission Bay that really wants to go to Washington," White revealed. "His name is Sean Harper. He's a WR/DB that can fly (5-11, 175 4.4). If they got him, that would play a big part in my decision."

It gets even more interesting. "I also know Stanley Daniels (TE/OL from Marian Catholic) well too," Scott said. "We play AAU ball together and have been friends for a long time. We started talking about schools that were recruiting us, and we figured out that Washington was one of just a couple of schools that were recruiting both of us really hard. He was supposed to come up with me and Haloti to visit, but his team had a night game that weekend, so he couldn't make it. He knows Haloti because they went to visit Nebraska on the same weekend. I think he's visiting Washington on December 12th or 13th anyways.

Then the bombshell is dropped. "I know this," he said. "If both Sean and I went to Washington, Stanley would be a Husky too. That would be a lock. You can count on that."

First things first, though. Is White coming to Washington? Is he even ready to announce them as his clear leader? "I'm not ready to name a clear leader," Scott said. "But Washington and Oklahoma are right there. I'd say they are co-leaders. Both are legit programs. You really can't get any better than them right now, and they are getting better and better all the time. They are going to land a couple of monster recruiting classes. I can't go wrong either way." Top Stories