Dawgbytes - 11/19

With the cameras rolling and the questions flying around regarding Rick Neuheisel's allegations, Washington head coach Keith Gilbertson took a quick second before all the mayhem ensued to offer a quick, capsule analysis of what has gone on the past 24 hours.

"I'm controversied out," he said, half-joking, half-serious Wednesday. "It gets redundant. There seems to be something every minute of every day. It gets old."

Gilbertson was asked to comment on the allegations made in Rick Neuheisel's response to the Pac-10 about his involvement in NCAA basketball pools. "I haven't read his response, I don't have it," he said. "And I don't plan on reading it."

When asked why he believed Neuheisel was going on the offensive in regards to his former employer and collegues, Gilbertson responded sharply.

"Have I thrown anyone under the bus?" he queried. "Then don't ask me to comment on what other people have said. Enough is enough. The Washington State game is in three days. Enough has been said about this."

At the heart of Neuheisel's charge stems from conversations former graduate assistant Ikaika Malloe had with the UW, Pac-10 and NCAA investigators. "He's been a good friend of mine for a long time," Gilbertson said of Malloe. "I tried to hire Ikaika, but was told I couldn't because of the phone thing. That was the end of it."

The 'phone thing'? Malloe one of the two former UW employees implicated in a long-distance phone-card fraud case that resulted in more than $40,000 worth of unauthorized calls. He paid back his share, which was $5,401 before he left the University in the summer of 2002.

"I was serious about hiring him and I would like to coach with him again at some point but the timing was all wrong with the phone business."

Back to football. Kenny James played Tuesday, albeit in red, but is expected to tear off the crimson and go back to work. "Kenny practiced pretty well and should be close to full speed by Saturday," Gilbertson said.

DE Brandon Ala is now expected to play but probably won't start. One player that isn't expected is Owent Biddle. "I'm not sure he'll make an appearance," Gilbertson said.

One underclassman that might be making his final Husky Stadium appearance Saturday is All-American Reggie Williams. "Ten years ago, it just wasn't very common, but now it's just part of what happens," said Gilbertson when asked if he expected Williams back next year. "But that's really none of my business right now."

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