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This is truly a test for the Washington Huskies. UCLA looks for real this year and Washington will travel to Pasadena and battle them on their home turf. Two top-10 teams, both undefeated, and huge ramifications for the conference make this game a barnburner.

Staff Predictions for Washington vs. UCLA

Derek Johnson, Columnist - This game will start out ugly as UCLA will move up and down the field on the Husky defense. Washington will keep pace somewhat with some long drives of it's own (via short passes). The Dawgs will rally toward the end, but unfortunately the 12-game winning streak comes to an end this Saturday. The Huskies' great effort will do us proud, but it won't be enough.

UCLA 34, Washington 24

Kim Grinolds, Business Operations & Photography - UCLA will jump on the Dawgs early. Barton will be blitzed and blitzed and blitzed. Poli-Dixon will do his best Reggie Williams impersonation early. UCLA will jump out early, and it will be an uphill battle the second half. Barton will burn the blitzes and the Husky D will turn on the heat as well. Expect Triplett to be a wild man. It's going to be a barnburner, but UCLA holds on despite a furious late comeback by the Dawgs.

UCLA 34, Washington 31

Rick Samek, Columnist - USC threw a power game at Washington, and nearly won with it. UCLA has the best power game in the conference, and will ram it all day at Hundley's, Hart's, and Williams' guys -- Foster may lead the world in yards-after-contact. Two significant things about the Bruin defense: Only three out of seven scores allowed in the Red Zone, and even more impressive, only one out of eight UCLA turnovers resulting in points for the opposition. It says that they can stop you anywhere on the field -- a tall order for Barton to contend with. I was trying to think of a QB comparison to Taylor, and I kept coming up with Doug Flutie. He handled the USC situation with moxie -- like he knows in the end that somehow, someway, he'll come out the winner. He exudes a feeling that he'll go out there with all he has and get it done. And I like it -- it's easy to find faith in that. Well, faith can move mountains. But this Saturday, my feeling is that it won't be enough to beat what looks to be a better draw.

UCLA 33, Washington 16

OK...so this isn't really Fetters
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-chief - The game of the week in the Pac-10. If it weren't for the Miami-FSU contest, it would be the game of the week in all of college football. This game has always held plenty of intrigue but this year it pits two top-10 teams in an early conference clash of titans. While the Bruins have to be favored on paper, the Dawgs have shown an impressive tendency to hang tough, regardless of who they are playing. One definite advantage UCLA has over their opponents is the fact that they've had two weeks to prepare and heal whereas the Dawgs come into the Rose Bowl limping hard and licking their wounds. Backup QB Taylor Barton is a backup no more and will be taking the reins for the first time this year after orchestrating an impressive comeback at home against a scrappy, but hapless USC team. Expect Bob Toledo to put DeShaun Foster to work against a Husky rushing defense that has given up huge chunks of yards to power rush formations early in games. Look for the Bruins to milk the clock and hold off a late run by Barton, Willie Hurst and Reggie Williams.

UCLA 20, Washington 17

Pat Thrapp, Columnist - For the first time since I started doing predictions, going back to last year, I am going to say the Huskies will lose. Boy I hope I am wrong and there is a good chance that I will be but I just think UW will run into a team on the road that is just slightly better. Certainly UCLA's defense is something to be wary of. They have only allowed a 33% completion rate during the last 3 games. I think it will be close. I just think the inexperience will hamper us for this game.

UCLA 27, Washington 20

Cameron Stevens, Columnist - Last week's game against the Trojans was interesting to me, because they wanted to run between the tackles to set up the pass. I thought that went away from their strengths, but USC was fairly effective with it. That scares me because I think that's how UCLA wants to win this game. Pound DeShaun Foster up the middle against our Kai-less linebacking crew, and beat the safeties deep when they cheat up with the play action pass. And I think UCLA can move the ball against us enough to win the game this way. I'm also nervous because I think UCLA has the best defense we've played against so far, better than Michigan's. And this one is on the road, and we all know how we struggle against the Bruins in the Rose Bowl. I think this will be somewhat low scoring, the Dawgs can certainly play with these people, but I get the feeling it will be like the 99 Holiday Bowl vs. KSU. We'll just be running uphill the whole game and we won't quite be able to pull it out.

UCLA 24, Washington 20

Joe Kaiser, Husky Beat Writer - I started working at Dawgman.com the week after the Oregon game last year, and have picked the Huskies to win every game. As a reward, I've gone 12-0 since then. This week I will have to side with the opposition though. The simple reason is UCLA's defense, ranked number one in the conference. With the way they pressure the quarterback, it won't give Husky backup Taylor Barton the time to pick them apart like he did against USC last week. The Huskies will look to establish a running game early and keep the game close until the fourth quarter, but it will be a tall task. The experience and health of the Bruin D will be tough to overcome. Washington will have to shut down DeShaun Foster and force the Bruins to pass early to win this one. In the end it will be close, as all Husky games are, but the Bruins will win.

UCLA 31, Washington 27

Dave Samek, Dawgman - I guess I'm WAY in the minority here. All season long I pointed at this one as a UW loss. Then a funny thing happened. I thought about Taylor Barton being the starting quarterback and having an entire week of reps with the first team offense. This kid is a winner and he's smart. He doesn't have the physical skills of some quarterbacks but he has enough moxie and brains to win. UCLA won't know what to expect from him and I think he will really surprise them. Gilbertson's game plan will accentuate Barton's headiness and he'll dink the aggressive UCLA defense into submission. DeShaun Foster will get his yards but I think defensive coordinator Tim Hundley has a good plan for making sure that Cory Paus doesn't beat the Huskies. I think UCLA will make a crucial mistake in the fourth quarter and Barton will once again lead the Huskies to a late John Anderson field goal to win it at the wire.

Washington 27, UCLA 24

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