Hedges talks about bowl hopes

Washington Athletic Director Barbara Hedges was at the Monday press conference to update the media on where the Huskies stand in the bowl picture. As of Monday, Hedges said that she was in contact with the Silicon Valley Bowl officials who will choose between UCLA and Washington as the opponent for the December 30th game against the WAC Conference's No.2 team, which is most likely Fresno State.

"Yesterday, I had a conversation with (WAC Commissioner) Karl Benson about what they were thinking and obviously it's the Bowl's choice," said Hedges. Hedges said she also spoke with Silicon Valley Bowl officials who have confirmed that UCLA and Washington are the only teams they are considering for the Pac-10 invitation.

Therefore, Hedges will spend the day today selling Washington's program to the bowl officials in hopes that the Huskies will begin to make their travel plans to San Jose.

"I anticipate they will make a decision pretty quickly," she said. "Hopefully, it will be in the next couple of days."

Should the Huskies get the Silicon Valley invitation, Hedges said that Washington would be obligated to purchase 8,000 tickets for the bowl game. While not completely confident that all 8,000 tickets could be sold, Hedges still sees this game as a great opportunity for the team as well as the fans.

"What I think can happen with this particular bowl because of where it is (San Jose) that its really attractive to our season ticket holders, it's after Christmas, you could drive there from Seattle, so there are a lot of positives about this bowl game."

Hedges stated that she is doing everything possible to make this bowl game possible for the Huskies.

"I had a conversation with Coach Gilbertson yesterday. If we had the opportunity to go to a bowl game, we absolutely want to go to a bowl game and I will work absolutely as hard as I can.

"Certainly because UCLA is in California, it makes it a little bit harder for us, but that doesn't mean we're not going to work hard to make it happen if it is at all possible.

"I think we have a chance but UCLA definitely wants to go to this bowl game as well as Washington and so it's as I told (UCLA Athletic Director) Dan Guerrero today, we're just going to have to duke it out."

The Silicon Valley Bowl would give the school a payout of $575,000, which would not give Washington much of a profit.

"You'll have to be real careful in order to break even," said Hedges.

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