Notes and Quotes from the Rose Bowl

Here are some notes and quotes from players and coaches in the aftermath of the 35-13 defeat to UCLA this afternoon in Pasadena, California.


Streak Ends: With the loss, the Huskies streak of wins ends at 12.

Missing TJ: Defensive lineman Terry Johnson didn't make the trip to Los Angeles due to sore knee. In his place, true freshman Tui Alailefaleula got the first start of his career.

Lineup Shake-up: Safety Owen Biddle and cornerback Chris Massey started the game instead of Wondame Davis and Roc Alexander, each of whom have been regulars thus far this season.

Willis Honored: Senior Jamaun Willis was named honorary captain for the game.

Record-setting Day: DeShaun Foster put up some eye-popping numbers today, finishing with 31 carries for 301 yards. Here are a few of the records he either set or threatened in the process: His 92-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter was the second-longest rushing play from scrimmage in UCLA history, one yard short of the school record. His 301 yards ranks third on the all-time on the Pacific-10 rushing list for a single game. Not to be forgotten, he became the first Bruin to ever rush for 300 yards in a game.


Coach Rick Neuheisel: "Big congratulations to a very, very fine UCLA team. They dominated play, I was pleased with the way our kids tried to hang in there and find ways to get back in the game, but we didn't play well enough to get ourselves back involved in the contest and it's upsetting because I thought we were ready to play and we make no excuses. We will go back to Seattle and try to get better and hopefully can play real well against Arizona next week.

On no running game: When you are getting beat at the line of scrimmage, it is difficult. We tried to stay in the ball game, we scored a touchdown late in the first half. Again, I am pleased with the fight in our team, but we have got to figure out how we can be successful running the ball.

On how good UCLA is: They've got good players, no question about it.

On Taylor's performance: I thought he hung in there and played well. I know he will be looking at the tape and wishing he had a few balls back, but that is the way it is. The game of football is to try and win the game. We aren't going to find much consolation in the game. We lost. We take it like men. We go back and try to get better.

Momentum in first half: I think all the time we are going to come back and win. I thought we could get it back when we were down there on the five-yard line and they called us out of bounds in the back of the endzone. I just expect to win.

On the illegal substitution penalty: Unfortunately, we had a goal-line defense called and our corner did not hear the call and stayed in the game. When they are down at that end of the field, they can't hear the coaches yelling out. We've got to be more disciplined than that. It was a turnover and if we could have kept them off the scoreboard, we could have stayed in the game. I love the way we are fighting and getting turnovers but, obviously, we can't have 12 men on the field.

On DeShaun Foster: I think he is a good back, just like I thought coming into this game.

On the UCLA defense: It was very, very good. They played well. We didn't do a great job of protection. We've got to look at the tape and figure out ways to get better.

Reggie Williams: "(UCLA) played a great game today. They did what they had to do to get the win. They caused a few turnovers and won the ballgame. They were good today. They were talking a lot, it was typical. We just had to fight through it and try to do our best. They got the edge on us today."

"It was a regular ball game to me, nothing more nothing less. They were fighting as were we were fighting. They were physical and we were physical. Not much difference than anybody else from my aspect. We didn't have a good game by any means. I think we showed a lot of character. A lot of teams would have folded at times, but we sucked it up and kept fighting. We just didn't come out on top today."

On the affect of the crowd:"We've played away before and our stadium is loud. I could still hear things -- nice stadium though."

On his first loss: "I can't say its weird, but a loss is a loss. You just have to pick your head up and keep fighting on. It's not over, we still have a lot of games left and we are going to come back from this. It was a little frustrating that we couldn't punch it in a few times. It was just a bad day. We are going to pick it up and go hard in the next few days of practice. We are going to watch film against Arizona and we are going to come back strong. This is only one loss and the season is far from over."

On Taylor Barton: "He played great. He just kept getting hit on every play and he couldn't do all the things that he wanted to, but I think he had a great game."

Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson: "Their defensive front is very powerful. They can get to you without having to blitz. They can get to you consistently with a four-man rush and with all the different kinds of protections that we tried to hold them off, which makes for a long day. At the same time, when the game got 21-0, you pretty much aren't trying to establish any run, now you are just trying to catch up. I thought at halftime that maybe we could make a little run here, but went out in the 3rd quarter, and had a few possessions and got zero points out of it. Their front is damn good. It is a powerful UCLA defense, it really is. They are clearly the best front we have played in a long time. There hasn't been anybody in our league that has been that powerful on defense in a while. I think back to the Arizona lines with the "Desert Swarm" fronts. They are powerful, they take you out of a lot of offense."

"I think Taylor was courageous the way he stood in there. That press was on him all day. He got hit a lot, and I thought he competed very well. There were several times that he got hit just as he threw the ball. The number of hits he took in the pocket ... I am really unhappy about that. I don't think we stood on the line of scrimmage as well as we thought we could. I take my hat off to UCLA, they've got really good players, very experienced, veteran players. They've been through a couple of seasons of injuries and lost guys, now that group is back together very healthy. They are a very good team.

On Taylor Barton's tough afternoon: "It was a hot day, he took a lot of hits and played a lot of plays. It was a long day for him, a long day for all of us. We haven't lost in a while, we aren't used to this yet -- we don't want to get used to this."

OLB Zach Tuiasosopo: "Foster is slippery, he is a very good runner, a good player. (He's a) very good athlete who runs very well, very hard - a very good player. That is pretty much all you can ask is that your team wraps up and holds on and waits for other players to come in. UCLA is a very good team and they held the ball really well and took advantage of opportunities and I congratulate them on a good win."

Half-time adjustments: "No real adjustments, just keep up the intensity. We weren't out of the game yet, we just tried to keep fighting and keep going. Don't ever quit."

DL Larry Tripplett: "(Foster is) a good tailback, you have to give him credit. He is probably one of the best backs in the country because he runs hard and stays on his feet. He doesn't go down on first contact. Paul Arnold is like that, where you hit him one time and for some reason he stays on his feet. Foster has that talent, he stays on his feet and has good vision for a running back."

On Foster's 92-yard TD: "He was trying to get his plays and trying to showcase his talent. It was a blown assignment by our defense, and he is the type of back that when there is a blown assignment, he will exploit it. That is exactly what he did today."

On the penalty that negated the Husky fumble recovery: "It is funny how games are. When things like that happen, it is hard. When the ball is just not bouncing your way, and it just seems like one thing after another, the only thing you can really do is try to fight through that stuff and just keep on playing the game of football. That penalty was hard to take, it seemed like we were trying to make a comeback, and things were going our way, then the penalty happened.

Was it a good offensive line or a really good Foster: "Honestly, I think it is Foster, he has good vision because when we are not in our gap and we make a mistake, he exploits it. He goes right to where we made a mistake, you have to give him credit. I am not trying to take away from their offensive line, but Foster is a good running back."

Defensive Coordinator Tim Hundley: "We just didn't finish in the last 3-4 minutes when they went 95 yards. I know there were a couple of plays inside that were an issue. I can't tell you exactly gap-control-wise why the ball popped through there a couple of times just after half. It is not always the front, it is not always the linebackers, it is a combination of everything."

On a different UCLA offense: "They are giving the ball to Foster a little bit more. They are playing better up front. They are a better offensive football team, their offensive line is better. They are not afraid to give the ball to their tailbacks a number of times. All the turnovers we got were really preventing scores and not setting up scores. We can play a whole heck of a lot better, obviously, and our guys will want to do that on Monday. There is a lot of season left."

On the new guys up front: "We have always had guys who stepped in and filled in adequately. I am sure that we will look at the film and see that there were plenty of things we could have done better. But I think that some of the guys that filled in, filled in adequately. Now, I don't think we tackled very well. We didn't adjust to the tight end motion in the boundary at the end of the game for 95 yards, that's not a good thing."

At the half: "We thought we were still in the football game. We hadn't played very well, but we had scored at the end of the half. We thought if we came out and established something positively, and continue to try to turn the ball over, that we could crawl back into the ballgame. We really intended to do that and, of course, they busted the sprint draw down to the one-yard line. Then we got them stopped, but had too many men on the field. That hurt."

On DeShaun Foster: He is the kind of guy you need to tackle waist-high. He is very hard to tackle in his upper body because he is strong and is an upright runner. He is a powerful runner and can slide through the whole.

TB Willie Hurst: "They were all over the place. It seemed like they had 13 guys on the field at one time. They came from everywhere and we didn't have an answer for anything they did. We worked on it all week, but it was just that much different during the game. They came from everywhere like we knew they would, but we just didn't have an answer for it. They are one of the better defenses we played this year, and will be one of the better defenses that we play this year. They have been giving people fits all year. They had a lot of hype coming in and they lived up to their billing."

On the lack of holes: "Anytime they sensed we were going to run the ball, they shot the gaps hard. They met our fullbacks and our lineman at the line of scrimmage, so we never had a chance to get past the line of scrimmage. It was pretty much clogged. I have played against a lot of talented defenses and UCLA is up there. They stuffed everything we tried to do today."

DE Tui Alailefaleula: "I didn't know that I was starting until today. During our practices, there was a couple of injuries to our defensive line. Coach Hart told me to be ready. I was ready for the challenge to play against UCLA. I just went in and did my assignment."

On his first sack: "I knew it was going to be a pass play. I knew Cory Paus was a quick quarterback and my job is to go out there and contain the quarterback, so I pretty much contained him and did my job. I saw him drop out of the pocket and there it was. The guys told me to just go out there and play your hardest and do your assignment and everything will just go with the flow. There were a lot of jitters. I just focused on my assignment and went hard.

On DeShaun Foster: "He is a really good running back. I am a freshman, I have seen him play on TV before, but he deserves the win, he played a good game. He was quick, really fast." Top Stories