Russum discusses favorites

Brent Russum is a 6-4, 270-pound lineman from Lewiston, Idaho, and Russum has noticed a curious trend of late. When the film goes out, the interest comes in. One school in particular is reaffirmed their interest in seeing Brent on their campus.

"I think I played well, but there's not much one lineman can do to make a team win," Russum told of his season. "Our team did OK, and I wasn't discouraged with our win-loss record."

Lewiston finished 4-5 on the year.

Now the second season is alive and well, and Russum has two official visits set up, to Washington (12/12) and Oregon (1/9).

Steady contact has also been coming from Colorado, California and Oregon State.

The Ducks, Beavers and Wyoming Cowboys are the only ones to step up and serve Russum with a written offer, although others are hinting at one 'round the corner.

He talks about his favorites.

Oregon - "Coach (Neal) Zoom is coming over to watch one of my basketball games. He wants to meet my family and go through the motions."

Oregon State - "They want me to come over, take a visit and get to know everybody and do that whole thing."

Colorado - "They just got my game tape about two weeks ago, so they are waiting for my transcripts now and they tell me they want to give me a visit to check out the place because they liked the game film and they want to learn more about me."

Washington - "I talked to Coach (Scott) Pelleur and Coach (Keith) Gilbertson and I went to the Oregon-Washington game. I've been in contact with UW for a while. Coach (Dan) Cozzetto is going to come by and see a basketball game."

The Huskies appear close to pulling the trigger on an offer. "They hint at it," said Brent. "They say they are going to offer me in the near future. We'll see what happens."

And if he had to make a decision today? "Out of the offers I have today, I would say Oregon," said Russum. "But I'm glad I don't have to make a decision today. I'm waiting for others to come around to see what happens. I don't really know much about a lot of the schools, so I want to take advantage of the visits to see what they are all about."

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