Matt Tuiasosopo trip report

Matt Tuiasosopo took his second official recruiting visit, to Washington this past weekend. With one official, to UCLA, already under his belt, this was a chance to get to know everything he didn't already know about the home school. How did it go?

"It was fun, I had a good time," Matt told Monday evening. "It went well. I got a chance to talk to the coaches and the other recruits there. And my parents came with me, so they got a chance to talk to the coaches too."

Was there any thoughts of 'been here, done this' for Matt, considering the fact that he's probably been on Washington's campus more than some students? "I can't take it for granted that I know what I need to know, especially with the academics," he replied. "I got a chance to talk to the academic counselors there, which was good."

Matt came into this visit with one main objective. "A big goal of mine on the visit was just to try and get to know Coach (John) Pettas better," he said. "He's the quarterbacks coach and the offensive coordinator and I hadn't really got a chance to know him. Getting that chance was really good for me. I got a good feel for him as a coach and as a person.

"We talked about a lot of things, about football and other things. You can tell that, outside of football, he really cares about his players. I got a chance to meet his whole family and he talked about how he takes his quarterbacks over to his house every week. And you can tell that he really knows a lot about the game of football. And I also talked with (host) Casey Paus about him too, and Casey had a lot of good things to say about him. He's a good coach and a good guy."

Paus gave Tuiasosopo the inside dirt on playing under Pettas. "It was good to be with a guy that's going through the program right now and playing under Coach Pettas," Matt said. "He knows what it's all about right now."

So what was the main difference between the visits to Westwood and Montlake? "The main difference was that at UCLA, there was a game going on," said Matt. "There wasn't a game at Washington this weekend, so that meant I got to spend a lot more time with the coaches."

Tuiasosopo has a top-three. "I've narrowed it down to three schools - Washington, UCLA and USC, and they are all pretty equal right now," he said. "I don't have a date set to visit USC, but I've talked to the coaches there and they know I want to visit."

Here are Matt's thoughts on each school:
Washington - "It's the relationships. I've known a lot of the coaching staff since my sister (Leslie) went there. I really like the coaching staff there. And even though they didn't have a good year this year, they can bring it back up. My family is here and I just really like the college."

UCLA - "I like Coach (Steve) Axman. I got to know him when he was at Washington and I've worked out for him before. I also like Coach (Karl) Dorrell a lot."

USC - "They are doing awesome right now, and they also have great coaches, with Coach (Pete) Carroll and Coach (Norm) Chow. They are in the top-three. It would be hard to pass on them."

Baseball is something that's been discussed and handled by each school Matt is looking at. "I've spoken with all of the baseball coaches and they say that they can make it happen for me," he said. He will probably play in the infield, definitely a fielding position.

"As far as the draft goes, I'll just deal with that when it happens."

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