The Third in Line

There's a player deep in the heart of Texas that is looking to break out, literally. While most young men consider playing for Texas or Texas A&M a dream since birth, South Garland's <b>Leroy White III</b> feels a little differently.

"My Dad used to live the Seattle area, Tacoma, from 1979 to 1983," White told, explaining part of the reasoning for his . I used to visit him when he was up there."

It stands to reason then that when it comes to schools that are heading to the Dallas-Forth Worth area to find White, they are racking up some frequent-flyer miles. Minnesota, Texas Tech, Washington, Colorado, Kansas State and Alabama are the schools that have been paying Leroy the most attention lately.

Why such a strong cross-section of schools? Well, Leroy's physical stats should leave no doubts to his abilities as an athlete. At 6-2 and 231 pounds, White won linebacker MVP honors at the Oklahoma summer camp, running a mind-blowing 4.45 40 time. White also benches 405 pounds. And even though he plays for the Colonels, there's no secret recipe involved when it comes to diagnosing his game. "Speed is what makes me a better player out there," he said.

How about his skills in the middle? Leroy keeps it simple and to the point. "When I hit you, you better understand that you're going down." How about his leadership? "I can talk some, get in people's heads, but I'd rather let my play do the talking."

The Colonels are 3-2 so far this year, and Leroy has 35 solo tackles, 14 assists, 5 sacks and 10 QB hurries to his list of early accomplishments this fall. "I'm really just trying to concentrate on school, my grades and football right now," he said.

Once the season is over, White is going to start looking at life after high school. He has scholarship offers from Texas Tech, Washington, Minnesota and Alabama, and considers the three schools offering outside the Lone Star State as his tri-leaders.

"Right now it's a toss-up between the Huskies, Minnesota and Alabama," Leroy said. "I love the Huskies."

Most of that love stems from his father, and Leroy makes no bones about where his Dad wants him to be. "I'm pretty sure I'm going to take all my visits, look at things first and then discuss it with my family," he said. "My Dad will have a big influence in where I go to school, and he really likes Washington a lot."

Here are Leroy's thoughts on his top-3.

Washington - I really like Coach Neuheisel. He seems to be a real people's coach. And he's always won wherever he's been. He won at Colorado and he's winning at Washington. He really understands the game, being a former quarterback. I like his style a lot. I also have heard the social environment there is really nice, and I know the city is clean, really clean. It's beautiful up there. I talk to Coach Tom Williams. He says he loves me as a player. Washington's really been showing the love to me. I like what he's been saying so far. He seems to be my kind of coach."

Minnesota - "I really like the coaching staff up there. There's a lot of love there. They really like Texas players up there, they seem to be partial to them. They love the fact that I come off the ball well and have great strength and speed. They think I could play right away."

Alabama - "They were the first to recruit me. Coach Franchione was recruiting me from TCU first, and then when he went to Alabama, they kept recruiting me. They were the first ones to show interest in me. And I love Coach Franchione. He took TCU from 2-8 to 10-1. They've been recruiting me for a long time. And they like me as a linebacker in their scheme, blitzing a lot and being close to the line."

White will trip to Washington, Alabama, Tulsa, Minnesota and either Miami or Kansas State for his fifth trip.

With a 3.0 GPA and 850 SAT, White is already qualified, but not satisfied. "I'm going to keep taking (the SAT) until the end." Top Stories