Brandon Brown visit report

Brandon Brown is a 5-11, 180-pound running back from Los Angeles (Calif.) High School, and Brown recently took his first official visit, with his parents and teammate Jovon O'Connor, to Seattle to visit the University of Washington.

"It was fun," Brown told Thursday night. "I enjoyed the campus and all the people there were very nice. I liked all the training facilities, especially the weight room. I liked the campus tour, the campus was beautiful.

"But the best part was the stadium."

Robert Lewis was Brandon's host. "He just told me how everything was cool up there and how much fun it is," said Brown. "He had to get used to the cold, but once he got used to that there was nothing wrong."

Brown is LAHS's student body president, and as such was very interested in learning more about UW's academic opportunities. "I wanted to know the percentage of African-American students there and also the percentage African-American athletes that earn their degree," Brandon said. "They gave me a sheet with all the percentages on it."

Brandon is considering getting a degree in english and then going on to law school. "I think all players have aspirations of making it to the league, but it's not a guarantee," he said. "I was always taught that the first goal of going to college was getting an education."

O'Connor has already made a decision to play for the Huskies, does that mean Brown is far behind? "Well, the coach that's recruiting me, Coach (Bobby) Kennedy, he's a really good person and he's been there since the get-go," said Brandon. "But I certainly want to take at least one more visit, to see how things compare. And if I don't get another offer, Washington will be the place for me."

California, Purdue and Oregon are the other schools contacting Brown. What is it about Brandon's game that has Pac-10 and Big-10 schools looking? "Well, I'm tough...shockingly tough," he said. "I don't get put down easily, I'll drag guys with me." Brown racked up 2021 all-purpose yards for the Romans, with 19 touchdowns.

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