OT/DE Clay Walker Update

Country music afficianados may recognize the name, but he's not that guy. <b>Clay Walker</b> plays football for Horizon High School in Scottsdale, Arizona and he's starting to get a taste for one side over the other. It also happens to be the position he's most likely to play in college, perhaps even in the Pac-10.

"I'm kinda leaning towards offense right now, because that's where I'm getting recruited at," the 6'4", 270 OT/DE told Dawgman.com recently. "I'm a 3-year varsity player for Horizon. I'm a hard hitter. I get off the ball really fast. I open up holes for my running backs, really big holes. I average around 8 pancakes a game. I just enjoy it a lot."

With a 350-pound bench and 475-pound squat, Walker has ample strength, but it's his wheels and advanced technique that have college coaches drooling. "They tell me they like my speed (4.85 40) when I'm pulling and I finish my blocks," Clay said. "I go until the whistle blows."

Any other sports Walker plays? The answer will surprise you. "I also used to play ice hockey, but I gave it up last year. I would have had to lose 40 pounds to get ready to play.

Ice Hockey? An offensive lineman? In Arizona? Well, I grew up in Whittier, California and I started playing ice hockey at the age of 4," said Clay. "They didn't have a lot of it over here, so I played a limited amount. We had a good enough team to go and get 8th in the country for Prep Hockey a couple of years ago. I'm pretty proud of that."

Three schools have stepped up to the plate when it comes to recruiting Clay so far, but only one has offered a scholarship to play football. "Pretty much Washington," said Walker, spilling the beans.

"They gave me an offer a couple of nights ago. They were going to set up an official visit in December. And Oregon State wants to set up and official one too. They talked to me last week. And U of A (Arizona) I think is going to set up an official trip too."

Who is the coach recruiting Walker for the Huskies? "Coach (Steve) Axman is the one talking to me," Walker said. He said that they are really looking forward to having me come up there in December. He said the O-Line coach (Brent Myers) really liked the way I was playing on film. He just talked to me about their school and their program."

Walker was ready and waiting for the offer to come. "I was expecting an offer pretty soon, but I hadn't talked to Washington very much. They had only talked to me a couple of times previous to that. So it was kind of out of the blue, but I'm very excited about it. Washington's probably the top Pac-10 team around. I told them that they just made my day (laughs), because they are one of the greater schools in the country, really."

The singing Clay Walker had a hit with the song 'Who Needs You Baby', and the football-playing Clay Walker certainly is feeling the love from the Huskies. Is he feeling it enough to make a commitment? "I wanted to, but my Dad was like, 'No!'," Clay said with a laugh. "I need to look around a little bit. I want to take the visit up there really bad. I'm really liking Washington. They are definitely my number one choice right now."

Walker's interest in the Huskies is without regard to familial ties. "My Dad's best friend lives there, but that's about it," he said. "I've been to Tacoma, but not really in Seattle. I'm looking forward to going there in December."

Even though he's never been to Montlake, Clay recites key Washington players quickly and easily. "(Larry) Tripplett, the D-Guard," Walker said when asked if he knew anybody. "I like watching him play. He's a beast. And I was a big (Marques) Tuiasosopo fan when he was there."

We'll get an update on Clay when he officially sets up his visit date to Washington.

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