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Well, almost the entire staff had last week's game nailed, with the exception of one. All but one homer predicted correctly that Washington's winning streak would be halted at 12. Dawgman had Washington defeating UCLA and subsquently was made to eat an appropriate amount of crow on the UCLA message board last week.

As for staff totals thus far, Rick Samek has been the closest in terms of point spread. He was within four points of the UCLA debacle (darn you Rico!). Here are this week's predictions from the staff of Dawgman.com:
Staff Predictions for Washington vs. Arizona

Derek Johnson, Columnist - Well we are feeling that UW will rebound this Saturday, so the question becomes by how much, and in what manner? Washington's ground game felt emasculated after last week, and will want to emphasize and compensate in a big way against Arizona. Consequently, there will be some sustained drives and defensively we will wreak some havoc and gobble up some turnovers. UW wins the war in the trenches.

Washington 34, Arizona 17

Kim Grinolds, Business Operations & Photography - It won't be pretty, it won't be exciting, it will just be a win. Look for the running game to dominate as the Huskies try and protect their ailing quarterbacks.

Washington 27, Arizona 0

Rick Samek, Columnist - Both teams have mastered the art of the slow start -- maybe they should just start the game with the clock reading 8:30 left in the second quarter. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that Arizona is going to try and take Farmer where USC took McCullough and UCLA took Foster. JJ has been struggling, and let's face it -- the game films just don't lie. The most recent "hammering" Washington suffered prior to last week was in 1998, a 55-7 rout by Nebraska. And guess what happened the following week – the Jenkins Jump. But enough of past nightmares. Both sides of the trenches were abused last week -- on the field, in the press, and around the water cooler. And I sense it won't be taken lightly, either -- pride cometh after the fall. Who knows how in sync they will be, but these guys are going to want to knock somebody down. Done correctly, that will translate into running lanes on a wounded double-eagle flex and run stops on Farmer in a game I think could be conservative on both sides. In four previous UA/UW homecoming games in Seattle, the average score has been 40-16 -- all Husky wins -- and who am I to upset the average chart?

Washington 40, Arizona 16

OK...so this isn't really Fetters
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-chief - Two teams come to Seattle reeling from getting the tar beat out of them, one by a top-10 team and one suffering from the biggest case of SI Jinx ever. So who is really hurting more? Well, the Huskies can certainly make a strong claim for the 'walking wounded' award, with significant injuries to 6 positions, but Arizona has just been pounded into submission the past three games, allowing an average of 50 points and 400 total yards per game. That's just the tonic the Dawgs require and they'll use a weak 'Cat D as a punching bag to instill confidence in a fragile offensive line in need of some easy pickings. With both Cody Pickett and Taylor Barton not at 100 percent, it'll be up to the OL and also up to Willie Hurst and Rich Alexis to re-establish a normally potent Husky ground game that was stuffed into submission by UCLA on Saturday. Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson may alter the passing game to work more short routes into the mix, including screens to take pressure off of Pickett and Barton. The Wildcats have some offensive weapons in Clarence Farmer and Bobby Wade, but there is a drop-off in talent after that. That won't placate Tim Hundley, however, who remembers full well how a lightly regarded back named Leo Mills ran circles around the Huskies last year. Well, Mills returns, but his supporting cast isn't the same as last year, and he won't pop up to surprise the Dawgs this time around.

Washington 42, Arizona 21

Pat Thrapp, Columnist - This should be a game that the Husky offense can move a little. The Cats have had a tough time stopping people. Especially from scoring. Of course in then Pac-10 they have played two 6 & 0 teams in WSU & UO. Even the 2 & 3 Beavers held them to 3 points while tacking on 38 of their own. I think Washington will try and establish some kind of running game early. Let whoever starts a chance to get comfortable, or possibly out of harms way for a spell. What worries me is the Wildcats rushing game. Farmer is a horse. Everyone has tried running on us. Yet before UCLA we were only giving up 125 yards per game rushing. So call me optimistic, but I think the DAWGs roll against Arizona.

Washington 34, Arizona 20

Cameron Stevens, Columnist - Unlike UCLA, who came into their game against our Huskies red-hot, the Arizona Wildcats come in reeling. And that's not good when you're going up against a team that can't wait to get the bad Bruin taste outta their mouths by hitting somebody. I think the Cats can move the ball on us a little bit, but I think our running game will definitely get some good yardage in this game, which will make our whole offense work much better. And it will make our quarterback's life easier, whether that's Cody, Casey or Adam.

Washington 34, Arizona 17

Joe Kaiser, Husky Beat Writer - Washington is hoping to get their offense back on track this week. Enter the Arizona Wildcats, a team that has given up 149 points in the last games. This will be the week where the Huskies offensive line, desperate for a good performance after last week's God-awful showing, will come together. With Cody Pickett and Taylor Barton nursing injuries, the ground game will be that much more important. Arizona's defensive line has been in shambles all year, and the Husky line will be able open holes for Willie Hurst and Rich Alexis to roam through. Look the for Washington defense to step up and take the load off the offense by shutting down the Arizona offense. Ortege graduated, Jason Johnson can't flip, Huskies win.

Washington 34, Arizona 17

Dave Samek, Dawgman (and resident homer) - Ya know, Arizona is not that good. But they are getting back a couple of defensive linemen that will make them better. They do have the running back that can exploit poor tackling and Washington has not tackled well over their past three games. Clarence Farmer is big, strong, and fast enough to run away from defenders. But I don't think QB Jason Johnson, the pride of Rogers High, will get it done. Washington is a beat up team, more beat up than you'll know until probably after the season. But I like the coaches on the Husky sideline and they'll find a way to win. They won't lose to John Mackovic's Arizona team. Not on Saturday, anyhow. Willie Hurst runs for 100 yards and the defense rebounds in high fashion. Chris Massey comes up with an interception in the secondary to seal it.

Washington 23, Arizona 10

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