Stanback gets ready to fly

There's a quarterback in the Seattle area who is doing all he can to tack up W's for his team, but fate seems to be conspiring against him and his Bulldogs. Garfield's <b>Isaiah Stanback</b> has been running and throwing the ball all over the yard in some tough losses this year.

Take last week's game against Juanita. "We lost, but it was a close game the whole game," Stanback told

All Isaiah did was throw for 190 yards and ran for 160 yards. Usually those kinds of numbers would ensure a victory for the Bulldogs, but it just hasn't been that way.

"I think I've played well, considering I didn't play in two games," said Isaiah. "I'm trying to make up those stats right now, trying to help the team any way I can. Usually I don't think about the stats that much. I'm concentrating on getting our team some wins."

Give the other side some credit. Juanita had some players that stepped up and played well. Stanback remembers one very well. "They had this one guy, a receiver (Will Haas). He was also playing corner too. He's a real good receiver, big dude."

Another thing that's been slowing Isaiah down is a nagging groin injury. "It's fine now," he said. It's a lot better. I don't think about it as much. It was real painful. But as much as it hurt, I wanted to play bad. There was one game I sat out the whole game and I wanted to put some ice packs on and go out there, but I had to rest it."

While Stanback has been slowed at points this season, the same can't be said for his recruitment. It's been warm for some time and plans to heat up even more in about four or five weeks.

"It's pretty much the same, but I have visits set up," said Isaiah. "I'm going to U-Dub (Washington) on November 30th, USC on December 7th, and UCLA on the 14th."

When Stanback looks at the schools, he has a very keen sense of what he's looking for.

"Can I come out and go anywhere and get a good job? That's most important, and everyone I've talked to so far has sounded good. A good education is most important," said Stanback.

And for those schools that wanted Isaiah as anything other than a signal caller, he's addressed that issue.

"All of them are talking to me as a Quarterback," said Stanback. "All the schools that are recruiting me as an 'athlete', I'm not talking to them anymore."

While doing his research, Isaiah admits to peeking at the depth charts, but concedes that he won't shy away from competition. "I'm not concerned at all about having to fight for my position," he said.

And the baseball diamond? It's not forgotten by Isaiah at all. He plans on doubling up in college. "I'm going to play baseball wherever I go. I'm going to get drafted, but I don't know where."

We'll be in touch with Isaiah after he takes his official visit to Montlake. Top Stories