Kuresa due back in two weeks

<b>Jake Kuresa</b> has been forced to sit out the past four games while his broken foot heals up. The 6-4 310-pounder from Utah has found it tough watching from the sidelines while his team stands at 5-3.

Kuresa isn't sure how the fracture occurred. "I think I just stepped on it wrong and got a minor break. It wasn't that bad so I kept playing on it. I was unaware that it was broken. And then it ended up getting worse until I finally got it checked. I had a fracture in my foot, so I have been taking care of that," he said.

"I played on it broken for two games. In the game that I broke it up to the time when I had to get it checked, I played really well. I had about four sacks and four tackles for loss. We played against Buckfeld then, who was picked to win our region. We beat them 35-10. That was the only region game I played in. I was playing really good ball. It was frustrating to start to click and do well, and then get hurt."

Sitting out has been tough but he is very close to returning to the field. "My team has done really well. We are tied for first in the region right now and we have our last region game coming up. I am supposed to be back for playoffs in two weeks. So I am not going to miss that much," said Kuresa.

To stay in shape, Jake has been riding the bike for an hour every day and lifting weights for an hour every day while the rest of his team keeps practicing. "I do ankles exercises and stuff like that because I can't walk on my foot. When I get back, I know my calf is going to be really weak, but I will just have to deal with that."

His recruiting story is pretty much the same with equal attention coming from USC, BYU, and Washington, with the most recent additions being Nebraska and UCLA.

He has not taken any visits to date, but has scheduled one official trip to USC. "I don't have any final dates except for USC. I know I am going to take one to BYU. I know I am going to take one to Washington. I am pretty sure I will take one to Nebraska," said Kuresa.

Here's what he has to say about his attraction to USC:
"My family is down there and I like their coaches."

Here's what he has to say about the hometown BYU Cougars:
"There are people who want me to stay home, but no pressure from my direct family like my mom and dad. My grandpa wants me to stay around and some other people. Just for obvious reasons, so they can be close and watch me."

Here's what he had to say about Washington:
"I like their program. I like their coaches; they have always been keeping in touch. There are certain teams that write or call every once in awhile and then there are certain teams that are consistent. You tend to lean towards the ones that seem like they care a little bit more."

Kuresa is not close to making a decision yet. "I am going to go on my trips. I am not really leaning towards anybody right now. I will take my trips and see which place I like the best."

He adds that none of the schools mentioned are being more aggressive or putting more pressure on him than any other.

Right now he is just trying to get healthy and enjoying the recruiting process. "It's good. I am kind of frustrated that I am not playing right now, but all the schools have stuck with me. I got good films. We played five games before I got hurt, so I have enough good films to send them, so they can hang in there with me. It's not a serious injury by any means, it is just something you have to sit out with, no surgery or anything like that," said Kuresa.

As of press time Kuresa has scholarship offers from USC, UW, BYU, Arizona, Arizona State, and UCLA. "I have talked to a few other places that aren't in the Pac-10, like Nebraska, and been in touch with Michigan and Notre Dame, but nothing serious. I don't think that I will go that far away," said Kuresa.

"Hopefully I will give you something to write about when I come back. I will be able to put the pads on again."

We look forward to that, Jake.

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