South Kitsap RB receives offer from UW

For his first five games this season, <b>RB Ryan Cole</b> of South Kitsap has put up some outstanding numbers. He has already accumulated 1100 yards and scored 13 touchdowns. However, none of these numbers go to this fine young man's head.

When asked if it would be fair to say that he was ‘tearing it up', Cole quietly laughed and replied, "If you'd like to put it in those words, sure."

He is very humble and effusive in his praise of his teammates for what they've accomplished together so far this season. "I attribute my great start to playing with a great line and being able to run through some great holes. Those guys are doing the job and making it so I only have to outrun a corner or a safety," said Cole.

"I get a lot of the attention but I put it right back on my teammates and coaches. Our coaches come up with countless schemes, they deserve the credit, along with my O-line. That's where the credit belongs."

Cole was listed as a ‘prep to watch' after his junior season, but he's done everything within his power to make sure that you couldn't miss him this year. His off-season regimen was brutal but it had the desired effects.

"I have gotten a lot faster and stronger, and I think I've grown a bit since my junior year. It's been hard work. I got up and ran in the pool at 5:30 in the morning at our school to work on my flexibility for a good hour or so."

So every Tuesday and Thursday, Cole would get up at 4AM to get to the pool by 5AM. Then on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Cole would run and lift weights. Some would find it extremely difficult to stay motivated through such a workout schedule, but Cole is a unique young man.

And extremely focused. "The sport that I've chosen is competitive, everyone wants to be the best. Hard work is the best thing to put you on top and out on the field," said Cole.

His phone is ringing a lot due to recruiting inquiries from most of the Pac-10 as well as some Big-12 schools. "All of the Pac-10, Northwestern, and Nebraska," said Cole of his suitors. One school has him pretty excited right now.

"I've got a scholarship offer from Washington. Right now, I'm just getting a good feel for where they stand and what they are recruiting me to play. They are recruiting me as a running back," said Cole.

"I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the Monday before the tragedy. On September 10th, Coach Neuheisel called and told me that I had a full scholarship to Washington. Two weeks later, he sent me a letter that said I had a scholarship offer. It surprised me. UW is such a powerhouse, and they are willing to give me a full scholarship and pay for my education. That's really something," said Cole.

The other two schools that have offered as of press time are Idaho and Northwestern.

Cole was a visitor for the USC game, which was a unique situation for him. "Wayne Moses and I talk a lot. I was able to say hello to him when USC was here. It was a great game between two teams that are competitive and both are recruiting me. I thought it was a great experience."

Cole hinted at the summer Nike camp in Eugene that he may play defense this year. It came to fruition when he became the starting free safety for the Wolves early in the fall. "I started both ways and I receive punts and kicks as well. After about the fourth game, coach pulled me off of defense because he wanted me to focus on running the ball. I was getting pretty tired by the time the fourth quarter would come. I did enjoy defense, though. It was interesting. I hadn't played it in two years so it was fun. I was able to chase guys down and I got in a few good hits," said Cole with a smile.

Now that his season is in full gear, he has a plan for how he will narrow down the schools that will get his serious attention.

"I think I'll just show the most respect to the colleges that put their money where their mouths are. I don't have a favorite because I was not raised as a die hard college football fan, so I will stick with the schools that are willing to offer a scholarship," said Cole.

"Right now, I'm just waiting for more offers to come before I narrow it down. I would like to get my trips in December and January so I can make a good decision in February."

Cole's hard work this spring and summer has paid huge dividends. He now stands 5-11, weighs 205 pounds, runs a 4.4 in the 40, and has three scholarship offers in hand with more due to arrive soon to show for it.

Whoever lands Cole will be getting an incredible asset to their school, not only for his athletic gifts, but also his attitude and genuine respect.

He may be a terror on the field, but he's also one heck of a nice young man. Top Stories