Jasper Henry talks about commitment

When Dorsey High School comes up, most Husky fans think of tailback Beno Bryant. Bryant was the running back on Washington's 1991 national championship team. But Husky fans might want to start thinking about another Don - Jasper Henry. Henry was a tailback too - in the 9th grade.

"I pretty much knew what I was going to do," Henry told TheInsiders.com Thursday about his verbal commitment to Bobby Kennedy during an in-home visit Wednesday night. "I had already talked to some people on my trip about it. I think it was just a matter of time.

"They just showed me a lot of love, when others were backing away from me. They were loyal. The trip (to Seattle) was excellent, everything was good. The academics were good and the campus was beautiful. So I just did what I had to do."

TheInsiders.com also spoke Thursday morning with Dorsey head football coach Paul Knox, who had these things to say about the future Husky.

"First of all, he's a great young man," Knox said of Jasper. "He's been in our program for four years and there hasn't been any trouble with him inside the classroom or on the field. He's just an excellent guy to be around and to coach.

"He's one of the most athletic guys I've ever coached. He started with us in the 9th grade as a running back, and has been able to take those skills with him as he's gotten bigger. He's tremendously explosive and has good speed."

So what is it about Henry's game that will translate into being a top Pac-10 player? "I think it's his speed," Knox said. "At 265 pounds and being able to run like he does, he has the capability to be an explosive player."

UCLA was coming on strong, and Oregon was there too, as well as Utah at the time of Jasper's commitment, but generally speaking Henry wasn't considered one of the top defensive linemen in Southern California. Knox thinks there's a couple of reasons why.

"Well, he had a few injuries that he had to play through this season, and also there was some confusion as to what position he might actually play in college," said Knox. "Could he be a fullback, tight end, defensive tackle, defensive end? He did run the ball for us a few times in goal-line situations, but we couldn't use him after he hurt his ankle. We could have really used his help there.

I think he's an outstanding defensive lineman in the making." Henry said that the Washington coaches have been talking to him about defensive end.

Is he done taking any more official visits? "I'm pretty much done," he said. "I don't think I'll take any more visits, I really doubt it."

Jasper had these words for Washington fans - "I'm going to get to work and be ready for next season, so I hope you are too."

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