WR/DB Will Haas Update

At 6-4 and 205 pounds, Juanita's <b>Will Haas</b> is an imposing figure as either a wide receiver or a hard hitting safety. Haas' team has improved significantly over their 2000 campaign where they only won two games.

Juanita played Lake Washington last night. "We won on a last second field goal, it was nice," said Haas with enthusiasm and a slight hoarseness still in his voice.

Haas is putting up some nice numbers as a receiver. "I'm averaging about four or five catches and about 100 yards per game now, after a slow start," said Haas.

"I play both wide receiver and cornerback. They are about equal for me. Hitting someone is as nice as catching a ball for big yardage, but I like catching touchdown passes."

Will has 31 catches for almost 600 yards this season. "I'm having fun. Watching our team come together and improve has been great. We've doubled our win total from last season already with four wins," he said.

Haas ran a personal best 4.47 in the 40-yard dash and benched 185 pounds an impressive 18 times. His vertical leap is 34 inches. Those numbers would project almost perfectly to college safety, but we'll see. His receiving totals have been outstanding.

As Juanita as improved this year, Haas has done the same in almost every category over last season. "I'm a lot more physical running my routes this year. When the ball goes up into the air, it's mine. Last year guys would jam or bump me out of routes easier," explains Haas.

"I like hitting, and when it's game time, nothing else matters. There are no nerves or anything, you just go out there and hit people."

Football, in a nutshell.

In terms of recruiting, Haas is hearing from Washington and Oregon the most, and those are his two favorites thus far. "Oregon State has sent letters but hasn't called me. Coach Gilbertson from UW called last night. He talked to my mom and he wished me luck in my game last night."

Juanita plays Bothell next week and then the following week will play a Thursday night match up against Woodinville to finish the season. "With this win last night, our confidence is up. I'm looking forward to playing Bothell."

We look forward to following Will's recruitment and watching him pile up more numbers for his improving Juanita squad.

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