Meet OL Gordon Davis

Desert Vista HS in Arizona is where big <b>Gordon Davis</b> does his work as an offensive tackle. At 6-6 and 297 pounds, he's got the prototypical body for tackle in college which is precisely the position where he's being recruited to play.

"I play strictly offense," said Davis, who benches 265 pounds and squats 350.

Last year Davis was an honorable mention all-region selection for Desert Vista and is getting more attention this year.

"My strength is probably pass blocking. My coaches say that I have good hands and that my feet have gotten a lot better. Now that I'm a senior it's on my shoulders to help lead the team. I've gotten a lot stronger this year," said Davis.

He has the reputation for being very aggressive on the field. "I'm a smart player, too, though. Smart and aggressive, that's what they tell me. I'm a pretty competitive person. That's what it's all about, trying to beat your opponent," he said.

On the recruiting front, he's been hearing from Ivy League schools such as Dartmouth and Yale. In the Pac-10, hometown schools Arizona and Arizona State are calling, as are Washington and Cal.

"Washington requested a game tape of me and have said they are very interested. Coach Steve Axman is recruiting me for them," said Davis of the Huskies inquiries. For Washington to ask for film during the second evaluation period is a very good sign.

We'll keep you informed as to what Davis is up to once he begins to set up visits. Top Stories