Gilby on Goldson and Goodrum caught up with Washington head coach Keith Gilbertson Thursday for his thoughts on his two junior college signees - Dashon Goldson (Coffeyville (Kansas) Community College) and Rashaad Goodrum (Los Angeles (Calif.) Valley College). Both address areas of need for the Dawgs.

"They both have to come in and have an impact with us eventually," said Gilbertson. "They are very athletic."

Dashon Goldson was the main JC target for the Huskies this fall, and is one of the rare examples of a JUCO prospect bouncing back to the team he originally signed with out of high school.

"Dashon's an excellent tackler and you have to give Rick Neuheisel credit too," Gilbertson said. "Rick was the head coach when we started to recruit him and he kind of kept things alive and then we picked things up and kept it alive this past August. So the program has been recruiting him for a couple of years now."

Dashon wasn't even the most coveted player on his high school team (Harbor City Narbonne), let alone one of the elite athletes on the west coast during his senior season. By the time he was ready to make a decision, San Jose State was the only other school looking to offer him, and they backed off at the end because of concerns over Goldson's academic status.

But the Huskies offered Dashon and never wavered in their support of him, even when it became clear he wasn't going to be able to enroll in the fall of 2002.

But coming into this recruiting season, the landscape had changed 180 degrees. Now Dashon was a wanted man. "He's a very-highly recruited guy, got a lot of national attention and was really recruited by pretty much everyone in the country," said Gilbertson. "I think it (loyalty) played a part, the way we stayed with him the way we did. We were willing to hang with him in high school and stayed with him...I think it paid dividends.

"And we felt that we had a situation where a junior-college safety was going to be the way to go. There was a spot for him."

Gilbertson also said that they want Goldson to come in and compete for either safety position. Since he redshirted his 2002 season at Coffeyville, he comes to Montlake with three years to play three.

As well known as Goldson was to the Husky program, the exact opposite could be said of Rashaad Goodrum, a North Carolina native.

But when time came to find an impact rush end, a guy that could get to the quarterback time and time again, Goodrum's name kept coming up.

Is he the next Kai Ellis, but with healthy knees?

"I'm not going to compare him to any one player," Gilbertson said. "We're looking for pass rush. When we saw film I saw a great athlete that has good quickness and can really run."

Rashaad will have three years to use up two years of eligibility for Washington.

It didn't hurt the Huskies' cause when Goodrum took in an official visit during the same weekend Washington defeated Washington State in the Apple Cup. It was also the same weekend Goldson visited, albeit it was his second official visit, in total, to Montlake.

Perhaps the fates were telling these two players something. Top Stories