Notes and Quotes from Washington v. Arizona

Here are some conversations we had with Husky players following the incredible win on Saturday vs. Arizona. Cody Pickett set a school record for passing yardage despite a very sore right shoulder that hampered his ability to throw deep.

Cody Pickett: I felt good this week, my shoulder felt good. I was ready to play all week. I was ready to play last week at UCLA. That was hard just sitting on the sidelines just watching and not being able to help your team out. Since the UCLA game was over, I felt I was going to be ready this week.

When you get out there and get the adrenaline going, it helps out. It's afterwards that everything starts setting in. I was cool all through the first half and then that late hit started the pain. My shoulder hurt on pretty much every throw.

I was just trying to get it loose. The shoulder separation is where it can't get torn any more than it is. It is already torn to the fullest. It is going to be sore, but it isn't messed up any worse than it could be. It was already messed up to the fullest, so I just had to try and work it out and shrug the pain off.

On ability to make normal throws: I haven't played that many games here, but I don't throw deep balls like that. That was a pretty poor performance on my deep balls. A couple of times when Paul had to come back for it, and Reggie down the left side going towards the water, those deep balls weren't there today. My strength will gradually come back, but my deep balls were poor today. I feel like one of my strengths is being able to throw down field, and I didn't do it very good today.

My offensive line did a great job. I didn't take hardly any hits back there. They did a great job blocking for me today and I felt pretty decent the whole game.

On the late hit play: The play was a naked rollout to the left. I saw Wilbur open and I threw it to him. I didn't even see that guy coming, and he just got me right on the shoulder where it was hurting. It hurt and that's about all I can say. It was pretty sore.

On TD pass to Arnold: When we started off the game, they had their safety out there in a bump coverage on Reggie and they had the corner over the top, so there were two guys. I rolled out to the left and there were two guys on Reggie and Paul was just running across the back with his hand up, so I just had him right there.

On delay of game penalty: When we had that delay of game, we had the same play called (as the final TD play). I just knew that I would be able to have a chance to run it in. That's why I wasn't even looking at the clock when we had that delay of game because I felt good about the play. But when I messed up and let the play clock run out, I was just glad to get a second chance to be able to run that play.

On last TD play: I knew I was going to be able to roll out. When we first had the play called, we had the delay of game, and we were only at the two-yard line. So I was definitely thinking about just getting to the corner and trying to run as fast as I could to the corner. Then we had the delay of game, but then I was able to hit Todd, and we had another chance. My first thought was to run, and just try to keep the defenders off with the throw. I almost threw it to Pat Reddick to tell you the truth, but the guy was just too close. And I decided to go ahead and try to run.

On seeing the safety coming on the TD play: I just stopped and tried to do whatever I could to get in. Obviously, I saw him coming but I had already made my decision to run. I couldn't throw it then. If I had thrown it, the guy would have just knocked it away.

On being aware of reaching all-time passing yardage record: No, they just said something about it right now. I am just glad I got in at the end, because it wouldn't have meant anything if I wouldn't have gotten into the endzone. I haven't even thought about the record and what exactly it was. I am just glad that we got the chance at the end.

Larry Tripplett: Hey, let me tell you man, whenever you can get a "W" you will take it. Especially with Oregon not having that magic today, it really makes us feel good to come out here and get a victory – no matter how we get it.

On Arizona's offensive line: I have to really see the film and see how they were blocking. I played a lot of three-technique (DT) this game and it just felt like I was still getting double-teamed a lot. But, that is just part of the game of football. As long as you can come out with a victory, that is all I am worried about.

On Arizona's running game: Farmer is an outstanding back. I may be going out on a limb in saying this, but I think he is better than DeShaun Foster, to be honest with you. He is a top-notch back that was breaking some tackles when we were most definitely trying to get him down.

Pat Reddick:

On move to from "x" (split end) to slot: That was just a move to help the team out and to hopefully get some more playing time.

On TD catch: It was a designed play, a post, and the guy bit on it, and touchdown. It was just like in practice, it worked perfectly. The safety bit down like coach said he would, and I caught the ball and went to the house. That was fun. It was really exciting. Hopefully, we can get another win and I can score again.

On seeing nothing but open field after catching the ball: I was just trying to run as fast as possible and get to the endzone.

Paul Arnold: We were all so determined to win. Once we are down in the fourth quarter, everybody digs deep and gives everything they have. And we were able to come back and get this win.

On Pickett's injury: He practiced this week and we knew he was going to be okay to play. So we weren't thinking that Cody was out their playing hurt. If you are okay to practice and okay to play in the game, then you are just like everybody else.

On TD play: It was just a basic back-side post. The safety bit down and I just followed the quarterback and ran to the open area. I am calling for the ball on every play, whether I am open or not, so I was definitely calling for it. I was just thinking, "look back, Cody, look back." We had been working all week in practice, so he looked back and saw it. I knew the safety bit down, and I didn't see anybody in front of me. I try to never get caught from behind, so I was just hoping I was gone.

Sam Blanche: I am just glad that I had the opportunity to get out there and play and contribute. Not just play, but to contribute to the win -- on kickoffs, on kickoff returns. I am just glad that Roc stayed on his feet on the kickoff return. I am just glad that all of the receivers caught the ball when it was time to catch it. I just thank the Lord for giving me the strength to make the tackles, the ones that I did make. I felt as a team, as a whole, we went out and reached our goal, which was to win. And that is what we pulled off.

On Roc's crucial kickoff return: Actually, I was watching Roc the whole time. I had my right hand pushing my man outside and I was just watching Roc. That is why I say that I am glad Roc stayed on his feet. He could have easily gave up and just said, "okay, somebody is on me" and fell. But he stuck with it and stayed on his feet and ran for all those yards. It was a blessing for us because it got us that score that we needed.

Arizona State is the next team on the chart. They are a good opponent. Every year that I have been here, Arizona State has given us a tough time. It is going to be back and forth. As a unit, we look forward to playing against Arizona State, and I am pretty sure it will be a good game. Top Stories