Ode to the Mid-Season

Washington has completed the mid-season point of 2001 and it's been another wild ride so far. Washington is 5-1, a great record, but there are still some concerns. Instead of waxing philosophical about them, let's analyze them in poetic fashion.

The Dad of Casey Paus flew in to Seattle
and thought he might see his son play
but the Gunslingin' Cowboy named Pickett was a go
and his four TDs carried the day

It's true the Huskies are now 5-1
and how can one argue with this?
And yet I have some grave concerns
that may be construed as a ‘dis'

Let's start with the porous defense, shall we?
It is a source of great consternation
when opposing offenses are made to look
like they're using a Sony Playstation

When Tripplett gets doubled on every play
for opponents that seems to be the key
when they run off-tackles and draw plays galore
it's like Moses parting the Red Sea

Can we make changes to our current scheme?
Before a game gets too far gone?
Would it make me sound like a layman to say
let's insert Joseph Lobendahn?

What I mean is the middle, it seems very soft
and about this I wish not to drone
But if the Dawgs wish to contend in the Pac
We need to develop some serious backbone

But these coaches always adapt so well
of that they have great history
look no further than the freshman DBs
that contained the mighty Drew Brees

Now let's wander to the offensive side
where our running game seems ill-fated
struggling bad against Arizona, and
against Bruins we were emasculated

Our guys up front are trying hard
and giving their best on each Saturday
it's difficult to sit and criticize their effort
but being a fan is having one's say

Perhaps for now we abandon the run
and make like BYU in years past
Have Pickett sit back in perpetual shotgun
and pepper the field with the mighty short pass?

We certainly have some dangerous weapons!
The receiving talent here is pure gold
with some fabulous legends in the making
with Reggie W. and Paul Arnold

And Todd Elstrom again came up big
And Patrick Reddick was great to see
Using his speed on that exciting "Go Route"
To get behind the secondary

And forget not fellow Dawgfans
for not much more of a wait
When the return of Jerramy Stevens
Could seal our opponents' fate

One last thing, I would be remiss
should I fail to emphatically point out
that the Husky crowds are getting soft
I would like to know what that's about?

Where's the energy to support the team?
Where's the fervent passion fire?
But I know with most Dawgman readers
I am simply preaching to the choir
how Tyee cheering was not up to par
I jokingly called upon the U-Dub
to bring forth belly-dancers and an open bar

Seriously, what do we need to do
to rouse silent ones into frenzied cheer?
to bring back the rowdy days of yore
without mass quantities of beer?

Could it be that the Mariners
have left fans emotionally spent?
Or has our fan base grown lethargic
becoming fat, happy and content?

Or could it be simply the HuskyTron
to the eyes it is a mighty lure
perhaps we tie to it a bold thick chain
and rip it out with a tractor!

Whatever the cause of all our ails
one thing is supremely clear
amid these troubled times, football is here
Let's keep the faith and enjoy the year.
Derek Johnson can be reached at djohnson@Dawgman.com

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