Coach's Corner

Wouldn't it be great if the Seattle Seahawks continued their northwest connection by drafting Reggie Williams? After taking Jerramy Stevens and Marcus Trufant with back to back first round picks, a hat trick of Reggie Williams would really strengthen their local ties, not to mention improve their receiving corps.

If the Pittsburgh receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, declares himself for the draft then it is conceivable Reggie could fall to the Seahawks. Already there is another Williams at Texas who could be taken before Reg. This would probably drop Reggie to the third receiver in the draft and make him available somewhere around where the Seahawks would pick. I figure the Hawks to pick in the late teens or early 20's.

If Reggie is still available when the Seahawks pick, it would be a tremendously popular pick here in Seattle.

I know I'm just dreaming but I'd personally really like to see Reggie continue to play his football here in Seattle. It would be one of the first times in modern NFL history that local interests would prevail in drafting.

Why not? The Seahawks really represent the entire state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest. It would make great business and it would further their already existing commitment to football in this area. The Seahawks hosted the Central vs. Western game this past season and have made their stadium available to WSU, and there are plans for a high school series to be played each fall. The Hawks have regularly honored high school coaches and do wonderful things in the community to promote and develop the sport of football. But they don't draft Huskies that often. Jerramy was an exception, and frankly, he has to step up in a hurry to prove himself a good pick.

Throughout the history of their franchise, the Seahawks have only drafted 10 total Huskies and most of them were late round picks. Joe Steele certainly helped sell early tickets for the franchise but never really developed into a pro running back. Still, it was always fun to cheer for Michael Jackson in their early years and when they took Brock Huard in the third round a few years ago, it appeared like things were changing. With all the changes to teams through free agency, there are very few players the fans can continue to identify with.

Notice, though, that since Mike Holmgren took over the program, local kids have been popping up more often. His drafting of Stevens took real strength and he thoroughly investigated the pick before deciding to work with the kid. I was impressed.

Over the years I had never been able to understand why Washington kids had always been ignored by the local pro team. In recruiting, I know that sometimes you have too much information on those players right under your nose. Still, I've always shook my head when the Hawks passed on kids who I knew could play but were not rated good enough and then took kids who we had played against in the Pac-10. Obviously, I've never worked personnel at that level but I will always believe Mark Bruenell was better than the clowns the Hawks used to draft at quarterback. I took it personal when Lester Towns was by passed over and they selected Marcus Bell from Arizona and some kid from Harvard who still can't play linebacker. Of course I'm talking about late picks now and there is no doubt in my mind that either Olin Kruetz or Benji Olson should have been drafted by the Hawks, not to mention Corey Dillon.

I was actually thrilled when they took Trufant last year. I had followed him in high school and at WSU and there was no question in my mind he could play. But, so could Tony Parrish and Lawyer Milloy and the Hawks passed on those kids. I have to keep reminding myself that I know nothing about that level of play but I do know football and I have always been a Seahawk fan. I was one of their first 10,000 original season ticket holders. I relate to the local kids and I am positive that a lot of other Hawk fans do as well. Name familiarity sells. Fans still like to know and own the players. They especially like local kids.

Speaking of being a Seahawk fan, wasn't it great to watch them on television again after so many years of blackouts? Well, watching and continuing to root for local kids makes it that much more special. That is precisely why they should continue the string and add Reggie to the mix. That and they could really use him. I'm not all that impressed with any of the Seahawk receivers except for Bobby Ingram, but then they didn't draft him either. Jackson drops the ball and Robinson appears very immature and likewise has dropped a lot. Alex Bannister is not the answer, either. Reggie Williams is.

Like Trufant, Williams is from Tacoma and he is already a legend in Seattle. Wouldn't it be cool to hear "Reggie, Reggie, Reggie" again only this time in Seahawk stadium? I think it would only help their ticket sales and certainly there is nothing wrong with having a little provinciality. Of course, someone could take Reggie before it's the Seahawks pick.

If that happens, in the words of Rosanne Rosannadanna....never mind. Top Stories