Marshall favoring Dawgs, Devils

Uriah Marshall is a 6-0, 185-pound corner prospect from Phoenix (Ariz.) Brophy Prep, and Marshall has already narrowed down his list of college favorites down to three, and took a break from the recruiting process to spend time with family over the holidays. Now it's back to work, and Uriah should be ready with a decision very soon.

"I wish I was playing in that game," Marshall told after watching the US Army All-American Bowl. "I feel like I had the ability to play but unfortunately I wasn't chosen. It makes me want to work harder to make my goals. I want to be an All-American in college, so I'm going to work that much harder to get to that level."

Washington, Arizona State and Oregon State are the schools that Uriah will eventually choose from. "Those are my top-three without a doubt," said Marshall.

"If I had to choose today, I couldn't make that decision because I haven't been to Oregon State, but my top-two are Washington and A-State and because ASU doesn't have a corners coach today I would have to pick Washington."

Marshall continues. "I like the city and I like the coaches. Coach (Phil) Snow, he's a brilliant coach. He's passionate about the game and he's really smart. I love talking to him about the game. I've been doing that for the past year. And the players are really good. They have a unity. They aren't as close as the players at A-State, but the unity is still there. And Derrick Johnson, he was my host and he's really passionate about the game and he's someone I could learn from.

"And when I go somewhere, I would like to have someone that I could look up to and someone that could teach me about the college game. I don't want to go in there and be a leader of the secondary as a freshman. I could rise up to the challenge and do that, but it would be better to be able to have someone there to feed off of."

There's another reason the Huskies are high on Marshall's list. One of his high school coaches is Keith Gilbertson's brother-in-law. "That's a big bonus for Washington because I love that guy," he said of Scooter Molander. "He's really competitive and probably one of my favorite coaches.

"He'll lift weights with me and he's one of those guys that will call me up at 6 in the morning during the summer and ask me if I want to throw the ball around. He played quarterback at Colorado State and spent some time in the league. He really helped me reach my potential."

Uriah has three other brothers that have played ball at the college level. What advice have they been giving him? "They have just been sitting down with me and going over with me my goals and what I need to have to be successful and how to get there," he said. "They told me to take my time and be humble about the whole situation."

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