Klovas waits, then decides

"When I saw all those declarations, I thought it was probably the cheeziest thing I had ever seen," Aaron Klovas told TheInsiders.com Tuesday, referring to the All-American Bowl, in which he participated in this past Saturday. Klovas was pushed to make his own declaration known nationally, but refused. Tuesday, he let the world know why and who he has selected as his college of choice.

"The guy that did those interviews, he even came up to me and asked me if I was going to do it, but I didn't," Aaron told TheInsiders.com Tuesday afternoon. "I'm so glad I didn't do that either. I wanted people to see that I had a well-thought-out reply when I made my decision. Some guys just said where they were going.

"And some guys, when they announced, said so without those coaches even knowing until then. I didn't think that was right."

Klovas, a 6-6, 300-pound offensive lineman from Spanaway (Wash.) Bethel, knew he still had questions he needed answered, so he finished that before ultimately deciding.

"As of 10 O'Clock this morning, I am committed to the University of Oregon," Aaron said. "I contacted Coach Zoom (Neal Zoumboukos) and I had a lot of questions I still needed answered, questions I had already had answered from the Washington State coaches. Just things like, how were they going to use my athletic ability, stuff like that.

"I've talked to Coach Zoom a lot lately and he was able to answer all my questions. I just felt Oregon was the best fit for me, both academically and athletically, especially academically.

"I felt really strongly about their business and marketing programs. I also like the group of young guys they've got there, and it looks like they can mold them into a great team. This year's OL class looks strong, so it's also going to be good working with a lot of quality guys."

To break it down even further, when looking at his two finalists - Oregon and Washington State - it was what was left after taking the coaches out of the equation that sealed the deal for the Ducks.

"I've been getting that kind of vibe that the coaches will all be around a long time, but in my mind I had to figure out where I would be satisfied if the coaches left," said Klovas.

"With Washington State it was all about the coaches, especially coach (George) Yarno. So I had to ask myself, 'If they left, would I be happy?', and Oregon was the best situation."

The Ducks have a huge recruiting weekend coming up, and Klovas will be down in Eugene, doing his best to try and get more top-notch talent to commit to Oregon. "I've heard that at least 10 guys that are already committed are going to be there, so I'm going down to see what I can do," he said.

When asked about the All-American Bowl some more, Aaron said that the experience is one he'll never forget, even though it was probably more work for him than some of the other players.

"I don't know if they really looked at positions when they selected the linemen, because there were at least twice as many tackles," he said.

Because of the lack of internal linemen, Klovas was switched to guard. "I was scared at first, because left tackle is what I know," he said. "I'm glad I didn't use it as a vacation, because I worked really hard the whole week. I'm used to fast guys coming around the edge, but that week I was going up against bigger, stronger guys and I'm not as strong as I will be."

Klovas mentioned Demonte Bolden and Demario Pressley as two of the East's DL that impressed him. "Our coach was telling us that we needed to get to the next level and get to the linebackers if we were going to have success," Aaron said.

"Well, we never were able to get there because their defensive linemen were so good, but I think we also did a really good job of not letting them get past us."

Aaron singled out Adrian Peterson and Ryan Miller as two players on the west squad that really impressed him. Here were his thoughts on the other Washington participants:

Matt Tuiasosopo: "He was on the money all week. He's a really athletic kid and he's definitely very talented. He's a good pickup for U-Dub."

Walt Winter: "I probably talked to him the most of anybody there. We're probably friends now. We had a lot of good conversations. Washington's getting a good player who should be really good at the next level."

Chancellor Young: "He's another character I got to know, a good guy. He's going to be a solid player down the road."

Klovas said that meeting the top players in the country was the biggest thrill for him during the week. "You read about these guys, guys like Adrian Peterson and Jeff Byers, but getting to have friendships with them and getting to know them as people was fantastic," he said.

And the Oregon Ducks are getting a great player and person in Aaron Klovas. Expect big things from this big man in the years to come.

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