Brandon Ala update

<b>Brandon Ala</b> is one of the links on a solid Kamehameha defense, one of the other ones being Albert Ma'afala. <b>Washington</b> likes both, but are they looking to go for the unique double-dip and pull both of these studs off the islands with so many more left on the board?

"Basically yeah," the 6-3, 225 pound defensive lineman told when asked about the possibility of going to the same school as his teammate. "We all have the same schools that are looking at us. The idea was to have all three of us, Albert, me and Enoka Lucas to come up (for a visit)."

The Huskies aren't currently recruiting Lucas, but might start doing so in a hurry if it means latching on to Brandon. Kamehameha is currently 7-0-1, with their only blemish coming at the hands of their main rival. "We tied against Saint Louis," Brandon said. "They aren't as strong as they've been in the past. But it's a big game every year."

Ala has been playing everywhere on the line, and as is the mentality being every great competitor, he's striving towards perfection. "I always have to get better and not be satisfied, but so far things have been going good," he said.

While Ala may appear undersized, he puts his entire frame to good use. He racked up an impressive 16 sacks in first 4 games, 20 altogether. Is there anything he does after he gets to the quarterback? A special 'sack dance'? "I just point to God, point to the heavens," Brandon said. "Nothing more than that. Nothing to draw attention."

He may not be trying to unduly draw attention to himself on the field, but his play has coaches from all over the mainland coming over to the islands to see what he is all about. "Wisconsin, Nebraska, Washington, Oregon," Ala said when asked which schools have been showing him the most attention lately. "I've been getting letters from UCLA and other schools, but no calls from them. Also Utah and Colorado want me to visit in January.

Brandon has offers from his four main suitors, as well as the hometown school. "UH (Hawaii) has also offered me a scholarship, but I think I want to get off of the islands," said Ala.

He also has two official visits set up, one on December 1st at Oregon and one on December 8th at Washington. "I need to make sure I'm not doing anything that day, but I expect I'll be going up there then," said Brandon. Ala does have family in the Seattle area.

Ala is very familiar with some of the current Husky players, including former Crusader linebacker Joseph Lobendahn. "He's very quick and strong," Ala said. And former Iolani grad William Kava. "We played against him. I went up against him. He's a good pass blocker and a good run-blocker."

When pressed, Brandon admits that he had some success the two times he was matched up against Willie. "Well, the first game I played against him I got two sacks on him, and the second game I got two sacks going up against him," Ala said. "Is he going to remind him when the two meet up in December? "Nah, I'm going to be humble. (laughs) I want to keep it on the field."

Ala also had the opportunity to meet a former Husky. "I met Marques Tuiasosopo at a Samoan Banquet last year," he said. "He was the guest speaker."

While things are still shaping up for Brandon, he has a bit of an idea of where he thinks he'll end up. "If it's on the West Coast, then probably Washington, Oregon or Colorado and if I go in the middle, Nebraska." Top Stories