SS Prospect Jaron Fairman

There's another player that's coming out of West Covina, California that <b>Washington</b> is interested in. A couple of years ago, it was a big defensive tackle named Josh Miller. Now it's a bruising strong safety. His name? <b>Jaron Fairman</b>.

Miller played for West Covina High. Fairman plays for South Hills High School, so their hometown is about where the similarities begin and end. Except for one thing -- their interest in the Washington Huskies. "I'm pretty excited about being recruited by the Huskies," Fairman told "They are giving me a good look."

At 6-1 and 185 pounds, why not? Jaron plays receiver and running back in addition to his defensive duties. He professes a desire to play defense at the next level. Fairman runs a 4.5 40, benches 270 and squats 325. So far this season, he has two picks on defense and seven touchdowns on offense.

If his physical stats don't jump out at you on paper, his attitude will definitely get your attention. He's what you'd love in a safety for sure.

"I like to hit, get after you," Fairman simply said. "I play physical."

When you play for a team like South Hills, a CIF champion, you better have your game on. Jaron feels like the team is doing just what they are supposed to repeat. "I'm doing well, our team is doing well," he said. "We want to win another league title, go to CIF and win another CIF title back-to-back."

When you talk to Jaron, you get the feeling that individual accomplishments don't mean a whole heck of a lot. "I'm helping my team, playing solid defense and helping where I can on offense."

His play has earned him interest from at least three schools; Washington, Fresno State and Colorado State. He does not have any offers yet, but does have official visits set up to Fresno and Fort Collins. "The Washington coaches said they are going to set one up," Jaron said when asked about the possibility of taking a trip to Seattle.

Running Backs Coach Tony Alford is recruiting Fairman for the Dawgs. "He talks about the school, how good it is up there," Jaron said. "They talk about how they like me, they like how I play defense, how I'm physical."

Jaron has one tie to the Washington program. It's through a player who is a South Hills alum. "I know Matt Rogers," he said of the former Husky offensive lineman. "He went there and played for them in the Rose Bowl. He went to South Hills. He helps us out now."

If anyone can remember, Rogers was the one offensive lineman to sneak a desert after the defensive linemen won the punt return contest against the OL when fall camp broke in 2000. Fairman likes the big guy's offbeat personality. "He's cool," he said of Matt. "He's funny. He helps out with the offensive line." Top Stories