Hoop dreams turning into pigskin reality

When <b>Quentin Rogers</b> was growing up in La Puente, California, all he could think about was basketball. It consumed his life. He spent all his time and energy on it. He knew he could be a player. But then something happened, something that just might change his future. Last year he decided to try out for the football team. The rest is history.

"I'm a basketball player," Rogers told Dawgman.com. "I put all my marbles into basketball. I really love basketball, but I get bored really easily, so I wanted to try something new. This is my second year playing football. I just tried out because I didn't want to regret not trying it. It turns out that I'm pretty good. I was surprised it came to me because I never played Pop Warner or anything. I worked really hard in the off-season. I caught a lot of balls. I couldn't tackle. Now I'm one of our best tacklers and receivers on our team."

Quentin plays for Nogales High School, and the 6-2, 165-pound Rogers plays both defensive back and receiver. So far this season, he has seven scores on offense and seven passes defended and a pick to his credit.

Physically, Rogers is an imposing corner. He vertically jumps 36 inches and runs a 4.4 40. "I also run track," Quentin said, claiming a 10.7 as his fastest 100 meters. He made it the state finals as a junior last year and ran a 10.85. He also runs the 200 meters with a personal best of 21.7.

"I think it's my speed and quickness and my aggressiveness," Quentin said, when asked what separates him from the rest of pack. "I'm big for a corner, and I'm aggressive. I like to bump and run, mess up their patterns, come up and hit."

From the attention he's getting from some big-time schools, you'd be hard-pressed to figure out Rogers' relative inexperience. Washington, Arizona State, UNLV and Wisconsin are the main D1 schools to come calling to La Puente, with a host of D2 schools also after him.

"They like my speed and size," Quentin said when asked what the coaches are telling him about his game. "And my quickness." He doesn't have any D1 offers yet, but expects those to happen soon. "All D2 schools, like Portland State," he said, when talking about scholarship offers. "The D1 schools are all waiting until I take my trips."

Does he have any official visits set up yet? "No. I'm starting to schedule them next week," he said. "I'll be taking one to Washington for sure. And Arizona State."

Coach Tony Alford is recruiting Rogers for the Huskies and Quentin likes what he's been hearing. "He said that they want to get me up there," said Rogers. "They looked over tape and were really excited. They just want to get me up there so they can see what type of a person I am."

He continues. "I like him (Alford) a lot. He's real honest. He just doesn't tell you what you want to hear. He said that it's likely that I'll get offered, but that they are also looking at other guys too. He's real honest. I have to respect that."

Rogers is qualified academically, having passed his SAT and already has the requisite GPA. "Now all I need to do is take care of business on the field."

Rogers has a definite leader at this point. "Washington is my top choice and if they offered me, that's where I'll be going."

Hoop dreams or pigskin possibilities? "Right now? Football."

We'll be in touch later with Quentin for an update.

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