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The Huskies hope to move to 6-1 on the season, 4-1 in conference play when they play ASU in the 92-degree heat of the desert in Tempe. Here is how our staff sees the game unfolding.

Staff Predictions for Washington vs. Arizona

Derek Johnson, Columnist - All signs point to ASU running wild and the Husky defense making Delvon Flowers look like Red Grange. However, I am in an optimistic mood right now. For at this very moment Neuheisel & Co. (mad scientists one and all) are squirreled away in their offices concocting some great strategies and schemes. They made mid-season changes in 1999, when the passing game wasn't working, and they implemented the option attack. Likewise, they will formulate something here, I can feel it. We won't shut down ASU, but we will contain and tackle better. On offense, look for 2 TDS and 2 field goals to suffice.

Washington 20, Arizona State 17

Kim Grinolds, Business Operations & Photography - Don't expect the Dawgs to have much of a ground game this weekend, they won't need it. Cody will shred the ASU DB's all night long. This could be ET's coming out party, we'll see. It's going to be a wild one. Dawgs in a nail biter.

Washington 41, Arizona State 38

Rick Samek, Columnist - ASU has been terrific at home (though their four home opponents have been less-than-stellar), while Washington has had their troubles on the road. Doodling the numbers, the Sun Devils have a huge advantage in the running game -- without going into boring detail, ASU comes out at 2.9 yards-per-rush better than the Huskies (which should not be surprising). Meanwhile, the yards-per-play passing numbers come out almost even (+0.1 advantage for UW). It says, at least on paper, that ASU has a fair-sized trench advantage. Both teams surely see this as bowl springboard game -- Washington gets bowl-qualified with a win; while ASU, needing two wins to qualify, still has Oregon, UCLA and WSU upcoming. Both teams can go vertical, both teams protect their QB (UW/UCLA notwithstanding), both teams are polar opposites in red-zone offense vs. red-zone defense, evening that one. Only difference I see is in the running game, and that it's in Tempe. Might want to pull for a Yankee win on Saturday to temper the crowd enthusiasm *smile*.

Arizona State 34, Washington 30

OK...so this isn't really Fetters
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-chief - This match up promises plenty of intrigue. Games in the desert between these two teams have always been wild ones, including the thrilling 1998 contest when Reggie Davis went 67 yards on a 4th and 17 to seal the victory. I don't know if this year's game will be that hairy, but I wouldn't count anything out of the realm with the way the Huskies have been playing. It seems as if they don't know the meaning of the term 'blowout' in conference, as they have racked up 3 league wins so far by a total of 9 points. They have brought new meaning to the phrase 'playing to the level of your opponent'. Cody Pickett showed the guts of a cowboy against Arizona, throwing for a school-record 455 yards in their latest come-from-behind teaser. He'll most likely be beyond sore this week, but he'd have to get run over by a bull named 'Roscoe' before he gives up his starting spot. If Pickett can't make it happen, Rick Neuheisel just might have to go with true freshman Casey Paus, a move that is sure to earn the moans and groans of Husky fans throughout the Northwest. As for the Devils, they are starting to pick it up, manhandling Oregon State after spotting the Beavs an early 14-3 lead. Jeff Krohn came back after getting hurt early last week against USC, and just like Washington, ASU's starting QB situation is somewhat tenuous. What isn't tenuous is what Delvon Flowers might do against a staggering Washington rush D. In short, where did it go? Larry Trippett, Marcus Roberson and company were supposed to be a strong suit of the Husky defense, but lately they've been looking more like a sieve than a wall, allowing 658 yards on the ground in the last three games. If they can contain Flowers, et al, and force Krohn to go up top, they'll be OK, assuming Pickett plays the whole game. If he can't make it and backup Taylor Barton isn't ready to go, it could be quite the learning experience for young Mr. Paus.

Washington 24, Arizona State 21

Pat Thrapp, Columnist - When looking at ASU stat-wise they look like they have run roughshod over folks. Yet when looking behind the smoke & mirrors one sees a light strength of schedule. Plus this SOS is getting harder. The only common opponent is USC who waxed the Devils 48 to 17. Although ASU comes it with an experienced OL and a back in Flowers with some decent credentials. I don't see Flowers running amok on us. He is not as big as Foster or Farmer. Which may help UW tackle better. He is elusive, but the DAWGs have plenty of speed to match. I think we run a little better this week. Passing depends on how well we protect Cody. Suggs should test our young OL in this regard. I suspect another close game.

Washington 27, Arizona State 21

Cameron Stevens, Columnist - Somehow, someway, with the Dawgs struggling on the line of scrimmage and with several players hurt, we're 5-1 and just outside the top 10. But a road game in Tempe will provide one heck of a test for our Dawgs. If Kai Ellis can play Saturday night, he should be a big help on defense. If not, it will be just another shootout in Sun Devil Stadium. And I think Cody and our receivers can out duel Jeff Krohn and their receivers. I also look for special teams to improve this week as well. The Huskies may not overwhelm anybody else this year, but they're just good enough to beat who they play. I look for that to continue this week.

Washington 34, Arizona State 28

Joe Kaiser, Husky Beat Writer - This one will come down to the wire like so many Husky-Sun Devil game's have in Tempe over recent years. The Huskies will lose the battle of the trenches, but will take advantage of a young ASU secondary and score on two long passes to Paul Arnold and Reggie Williams. ASU will come at Washington with a two-headed monster in the backfield, featuring seniors Delvon Flowers and Tom Pace, and also look to put the ball in the air to a quick receiving corps. Washington's defense will welcome back Kai Ellis, but still be unable to slow down the Sun Devil attack. But the big-play will keep the Huskies in it, and John Anderson will hit a clutch field goal late to secure a Husky victory.

Washington 38, Arizona State 35

Dave Samek, Dawgman - The last time Washington went down to Tempe, it was the most boring display of football of the last four seasons. Everyone in the press box complained because they ran out of coffee by halftime because everyone was trying to stay awake. Then Rich Alexis bolted 84 yards and that was that. Don't expect Saturday's game to be boring. Not one minute. These two teams are going to throw the ball around the yard. I think Washington will once again give up ground yards, this time to Delvon Flowers, but I also think Cody Pickett will have a big road game in the heat and lead Washington to a very slim margin of victory. The slimmest imaginable. I haven't seen anyone cover Paul Arnold yet and I don't expect ASU to do much better at that feat. There's just too much other stuff going on (IE: Williams and Elstrom), and no one seems to remember that Paul Arnold is a 4.4 sprinter. I like him in this match up to have a big game.

Washington 24, Arizona State 23

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