Coach Quotes from 10-25 Practice:

Though we were unable to attend practice today, Joe Kaiser was able to chat with the head coach this afternoon after his team's walk-through. Here is what wards and here's what he had to say.

On getting ready to play: I'm excited to play, and I think we need to be excited to play because we're playing a very talented team that is HOT. Anytime that is the case you better bring your best so you can hang in the game and then hope to make good happen at the end.

On ASU's quarterback: Jeff Krohn is kind of a streaky player. He can make huge plays both with his arm and his legs. Their team has really done well when he's done well. When he got hurt against USC obviously they didn't play as well. Trying to get some pressure on him will be imperative.

On Cody Pickett and Taylor Barton: Both will be available to play.

On ASU: They've got great tailbacks. They've got maybe the best offensive line in the conference. They've got very talented wide receivers and a quarterback that is a big-play guy. They put a lot of pressure on your defense. Defensively they've went to an eight-man front and like to put a lot of pressure on your quarterback which is problematic given the health of our quarterbacks. So we're going to have to establish a running game, and against eight men that's difficult.

On Cody Pickett's shoulder: It's a soreness issue. The injury is never going to heal. It's not like the tendon that was torn is going to come back. That doesn't happen. Basically what happens is that the muscles subside and the pain goes away. It's a pain tolerance deal.

On Offensive Coordinator Keith Gilbertson's health: Gilby is fine. He called today feeling much better hoping that he'll be here tomorrow. The most painful part of the procedure is that they have to go through the leg to run the tube up to put the dye in you and check. It's the incision in the leg that is really painful. Hopefully he'll be ready to go and make the trip and be part of a great effort.

On if Gilbertson doesn't make the trip: If he doesn't make the trip, (quarterbacks coach) Steve Axman will assume the role (as offensive coordinator) and we'll go about our business.

"I'm almost afraid to say it, but it looks like we may be gaining on it a little bit. Kai Ellis will be available, and those are nice things to have happen especially when it gets to the critical part of the season," said Neuheisel of the injury situation.

On when Tyler Krambrink will return: We'll wait and see. Not this week.

On whether Elliott Zajac and Jerome Stevens will make the trip: Absolutely. Both are expected to play.

On who's starting at SAM linebacker, Anthony Kelley or Sam Blanche: Both play about the same amount of snaps. Sam will certainly be out there for the first snap.

On the status of Jerramy Stevens: He has his boot off. He's been cleared to do some light running. He had a work out in the pool the other day, and our hope is that he'll be back as soon as possible. Top Stories