Newton receives offer from Washington

The Washington coaches have been busy handing out scholarship offers lately and one of the latest candidates for a full ride comes from a place that Husky fans might not expect, deep in the heart of Oregon, Roseburg, to be exact. And they will be fighting tooth and nail with both of the Oregon Pac-10 schools if they expect to pull him out in one piece.

Big Joe Newton calls Roseburg home...for the time being. The 6-7, 235-pound TE/DE prospect might be changing his address to Eugene. Or Corvallis. Or even Palo Alto. Seattle's looking pretty good for Newton now, especially since being offered. "I'd like to stay on the West Coast if I can, but really it doesn't matter," Joe told this week.

Newton has been spending an equal amount of time at both tight end and at defensive end, but said, "If I had to choose, I'd say tight end, because I love to catch the ball."

Roseburg is 6-0 right now and currently ranked 2nd in the state. Newton's probably having more of an impact on defense, as his team's offense is more of an I-back based option than anything else, much like Nebraska. Despite not seeing much of the ball, Joe still has 13 catches for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns so far this season. Last year he hauled in 22 balls for 350 yards and 6 scores, good enough to land him 2nd team All-State honors.

What makes Newton such a coveted player is his pure athleticism, and he gets that as much from the basketball court as he does the gridiron. He averaged 19 points and 10 boards per game for Roseburg last year, earning him Southern Oregon Conference Player of the Year honors, as well as 3rd team All-State accolades. "I move well for a guy my size and I have good hands," Joe said modestly.

What kind of a leader is he? Is he the vocal type, or the 'silent but deadly' variety? Newton said that it depends on the moment. "I'm kind of in the middle," he said. "I'll let my play talk, but if I need to talk, I'll get my team going if they need it."

Showing the most interest lately has been Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Washington and Cal, but it's the three offers right now that have his undivided attention. They come courtesy of Washington, Oregon and Oregon State.

In fact, Newton has already taken one of his official visits. His first stop was to Eugene to check out the Oregon-Stanford game. "I was impressed with everything there," he said of his visit. "Yeah, the guys were upset that they lost, but they were positive and upbeat about rebounding from it. The school has a good science department, a good housing situation and I like the facilities a lot."

When asked about a potential future major, Joe said, "I don't know yet, but it will be science-related."

His other visits are planned for Oregon State, Stanford and Washington, but no dates have been officially set as of this week.

Joe's been contacted by two Washington coaches so far. "Coach Hart and Coach Neuheisel," he said. "They just talk to me about the school and about getting me up there for a visit. I like them because they have a good program, good academics and it's a beautiful place."

Any leader so far? Newton won't confess. "All of them are at a high level right now."

We will be in touch with Joe again to find out about the rest of his season and the dates for the rest of his official visits. Top Stories