Myers thrilled to be back

"It's a fantastic deal, isn't it?," Brent Myers said from his office in Salt Lake City. He could have been talking about the past season he just spent at Utah as offensive line coach and assistant head coach. He could have been talking about the Utes' first outright WAC championship in 46 years. Instead he was looking back to the past and at the same time thinking about the future.

"I can't thank Coach (Keith) Gilbertson enough," Myers said about the Washington head coach's decision to bring him back to Washington after only one year at Utah. Myers had been the Husky offensive line coach from 2000 to 2002 and will be again starting Monday. "I love the University of Washington. When you go away you realize how great it is, how wonderful a place it is. And not only for my family, but also for my career as a coach. I know the past 6 months have been tough, but it's still the best place in the country in my opinion and I am fired up to come back."

Even though he clearly had a job to do getting the Utes' offensive line together, Myers still watched what UW was doing, albeit from afar. "With great passion," he said when asked about keeping tabs on the Dawgs. I will always be a Husky, it doesn't matter. I watched the Oregon State game in full, the Oregon game in full and a little bit of the ending of the Washington State game. I got to see the finish, which was fantastic. I was in a restaurant with my wife in Provo after we had beaten BYU to win the conference championship. It was snowing like crazy and we ended up in a restaurant watching the game. There was two strong Husky fans watching the game there that night."

One of the chief reasons Gilbertson wanted Myers back was his interest in what Utah did offensively this season. "The offense we run here is very wide receiver, spread the field, make people defend everybody, and use your quarterback as a definite, viable threat to run the football at any time," Brent said. "There are a lot of things I like about the offense, but there are a lot of things about it that are restricting. I think the combination of things I have done in my past - at Boise State, Northern Arizona, Washington and now at Utah - all those combinations would be the best, but it's hard to teach all that and you have to decide what you want to do.

"Our success with Marques running the ball and the success we've had here - the carryover of those things is very, very much the same, but just from different formations. So there is the same thought process - make sure the defense has to account for the quarterback. That's what we do here and that's kind of what we did at Washington, but we got away from it a little bit because Cody hurt his shoulder and we just didn't have all eleven threats like we did. It's what Gilbs and I call 'assignment football', and I'm excited to see if I can help contribute to the offense."

Myers won't be taking over John Pettas' role as offensive coordinator for the Huskies, but just like his predecessor, Dan Cozzetto, he will have a definite share as to how the 'Husky offense' is shaped circa 2004. "We're going to investigate it a little bit, talk in-depth about the things I thought were beneficial here and see if we can incorporate some of it into the offense that I really like at Washington," said Myers. "I love the offense at Washington, I think it's a phenomenal offense. But we have to fit it to the personnel we have. And I personally love the prospects of Carl Bonnell, Isaiah Stanback and the young recruits that are coming in too. Those guys have some ability we can use as a carryover to what Marques did.

"I think Marques would have been phenomenal in this offense at Utah. He would have been tremendous, but he's tremendous in any offense. His threat, the way he is as a player, who he is. To recruit guys like that, you're going to have to defend them, all of them. It makes it better, because he's not just going to drop back and throw. I think that adds to the ability of the offense, and hopefully we can use that to our advantage."

So is Myers excited about coming back to Montlake this time around? "My parents, my wife, my daughter, my brothers - everybody is excited we're coming back," Brent said enthusiastically.

"I love the University of Washington, I love the fans of the University of Washington, I love the support, I love the city of Seattle and I'm a die-hard Husky."

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