Neuheisel Quotes From ASU Post game

Washington Head Football Coach Rick Neuheisel was very pleased after last night's last second victory over the Arizona State Sun Devils in Tempe. Neuheisel spent some time addressing the media and had the hoarse voice to prove that he and his team and staff had given it everything they had to pull out another come from behind victory.

General Comments: - "Needless to say, we are elated with the dramatic victory. We got a lot of grit on this team, but certainly Arizona State did too. I think there was a comment made today on ESPN's College Game Day where it is just an unbelievable league where you can have a game this late in the season where the team that was picked to finish last, Washington State, is favored over the team that was picked to finish first, Oregon. The bottom line is you better line up each and every week because every team in this league has a lot of great players and certainly Arizona State evidenced that time and time again, by throwing the ball down the field. We feel pretty good about our corners. It was a slugfest and we were very, very fortunate to come out ahead, but I think we did earn it. I am pleased the way our kids continued to fight and scratch. And as we said, anything can happen in this conference and it normally does. We are into the month of November and still in the hunt. That is always our goal. We are elated with the chance to play again next week against an unbelievable Stanford team. The way that they have won the last two weeks is obviously very impressive."

On thoughts after ASU's last go-ahead TD: - "I don't think about my post-game speech at that time. I think about how we are going to manage the clock. I think we got the ball back with six minutes left and I talked to Ax and Gilbs upstairs. I told them I wanted to be patient with this play calling and see if we can't run a bunch of clock off. Hopefully, we can get it down there and kick a field goal or score a touchdown and leave them with not much time left because they were playing pretty good on offense. It was a fortunate play that they jumped offsides with 51 seconds left because that would have been very, very nail-biting to let them come back against us only ahead by two. I am just thrilled with the team effort. The defense came up big when they had to stop them, and get us the ball back. A lot of great effort. But we will look at the tapes and see all kinds of things that need to be fixed too. I think we improved tonight, I think we did."

On the running game coming around: - "We felt like we had opportunities to run. We are not going to beat our heads against the wall just because the newspaper might think that we can't run. The bottom line is we take our opportunities when we get them. We felt like we could move the ball on the ground tonight."

On passing so much in the first half: - "We did and credit ASU for making adjustments in the second half. They took away what we thought were some easy opportunities in the first half. They made it a little harder to move the ball through the air and, fortunately, we were able to garnish some rushing yardage.

On Cody's scramble on the last drive: - "The miracle 3rd down and 10? It was an unbelievable effort … an unbelievable effort! You hate to come to expect that stuff, but we've been pretty fortunate around here with quarterbacks in the last couple of years making those kinds of plays for us."

On ASU keeping the game close: - "I think they are a very explosive team. Obviously, they were very highly ranked in the conference offensively. They scored a ton of points. They've got great weapons. Shaun McDonald dazzled tonight. The quarterback got hot. We kind of contained him in the first half, but in the second half, he caught fire. We've got good corners. I told Roc Alexander and Omare Lowe not to hang their heads. Those balls were perfect. We've got great corners. I would bet on our guys all the time. Tonight, ASU made plays when they had to. And they had a crowd behind them and that is again why I get so excited about our team because we don't seem to blink in those kind of situations. We keep fighting."

On Anderson's second game-winning field goal this season: - "He may have to win a couple more. It is just that kind of season. This is a gut-wrenching fight. It is a lot of rounds and just because you win a round doesn't mean you are given anything in the next round. We are going to hopefully get a little bit better. I think we got out of the game healthy."

On coming back home: - "Every time I come here, it means something. I have a lot of fond memories of Sun Devil Stadium, and for my family to be here especially my father to be here given all that he has gone through in the past few weeks. This is the first game he got to go to after having heart surgery. We are obviously making it very easy for him to enjoy the games but the point is, this is a thrill to come back here and find a way to win."

On worrying about Gilbertson's health: - "Yah, but I think I'm spending more time worrying about me. Here is another guy that probably should be home resting but he doesn't want to miss being a part of this team. The coaches are every bit as involved in this team as the players and I think everybody understands it is a "we" thing. We just keep charging. Gilbs made the trip. Steve Axman did an unbelievable job calling the plays tonight. Ax called the plays but Gilbs was up there giving him some advice, but Ax was the play caller. I give credit to both. Keith Gilbertson being the kind of guy who would say that he couldn't study this plan like I needed to in order to be effective calling the plays, so let's make sure Ax does it. He was ego-less to get that done. And Ax was able to rise up to the challenge and get it accomplished. We are very fortunate, both players and coaches, that there is a selfless spirit. We just keep fighting and trying to find a way to win." Top Stories