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S Chet Sanders 6-2/190/4.5
The Scoop: Chet verbally committed to Cornell Jackson Monday morning, ending a week-long saga that had him basically committed, then not so much, to totally in the boat. All it took was a few quick words by Jackson, and Chet responded in kind. "'I've got a scholarship for you, what do you say?' and I told him, 'You know what I say baby, I commit, so that was it. Everybody was happy," Sanders told shortly after his decision had been made. "Coach (Bobby) Kennedy and Coach Cornell told me that they would do my best to make things right for me and I trusted them. They came through for me." Right now with Sanders' commit, the Dawgs appear to be right about at their limit. There will still be questions about academic attrition and the like, but don't expect a lot more commit news coming from Montlake.

DT Erick Lobos 6-3/280/4.9
The Scoop: learned Sunday that Erick Lobos had, in fact, decided to visit Arizona after earlier saying he wasn't interested. He's glad he took the trip now, because it just strengthened his belief in his initial choice. "It was kind of a risk to take the trip, because if I liked Arizona it would be hard to choose, but things went exactly how I wanted it," Lobos told Monday. "It just confirmed how I feel about Washington." Lobos went along with teammate Mesphin Forrester, who experienced the same feeling. Erick will not be taking any more visits and appears to be solidly in the Huskies' corner.

S Mesphin Forrester 6-2/195/4.55
The Scoop: Along with teammate Erick Lobos, Mesphin needed to take another visit to compare. He hadn't been given that opportunity after committing on his first visit (to Washington). "I just went to check it out was that the only trip I've taken was to Washington and I wanted to go somewhere else to reassure myself that Washington was the place I should be going," Mesphin told Monday. Did that happen? Very much so. "I'm done taking visits," Forrester said. "I'm committed to Washington. I want to be a Husky next year."

LB Aaron Darks 6-1/205/4.5
The Scoop: Darks, from Lufkin, Texas, was a late name on the scene, but he came and went without much fuss. He had scheduled a visit to Washington this coming weekend, but this past weekend word came out of Tucson, Arizona that Aaron had verbally committed to Arizona. "Yeah, I committed," Darks confirmed to,'s Arizona site. "It was nice up there."

LB Patrick McKillop 6-3/230/4.65
The Scoop: After talking to Patrick Monday night, he confirmed to us that Oregon State has withdrawn their scholarship offer to him. "That offer had been there, but then they took it away," Patrick said. "It was weird. I think they wanted me to commit early and I didn't. And then they took too many other guys and didn't have room." His other option he was looking at would be to walk on at the University of Washington, which appears to be the way he's headed. Of course, smaller schools may want to come nibbling at his heels, but McKillop seems set on doning the purple and gold. "They are really happy that I'm walking on," Patrick said. "They told me that I have a chance to earn a scholarship. I'm pretty sure this is what I'm going to do." Top Stories