DL Chris Solomona Update

El Camino JC's <b>Chris Solomona</b> will do whatever it takes. The 6-5, 285-pound defensive tackle from San Pedro, California currently plays just defense, but in reality he'll go wherever he's needed. It's that kind of commitment and drive to win that has the <b>University of Washington</b> hot on Solomona's heels, just as they were when he was in high school.

"I hope so (laughs)," Chris told Dawgman.com about his offensive aspirations.

"I'm thinking tight end. Our regular tight end went down against Saddleback and is out for the year. I wanted to ask the coaches (about it). If they prefer me to play tight end, I'd love to. Or goal line, or anything. I'd love to block."

Chris' selflessness comes at a crucial time for El Camino. They need something to get them back on a winning tack. "We're on kind of a downfall right now, we've lost two in a row," Solomona said. "We have to handle some things with our DB's. We played Cerritos, and I had 8 tackles, 2 sacks and a pass deflection, but we lost by 10 points, I believe."

He expounds on his winning theme. "As you know, our team hasn't been doing really well, so I'm going to work even harder to try and get some wins. Because really that's what it's all about, it's about winning. Losing takes a lot out of you. It doesn't matter if I have 10 sacks in a game if we lose."

The big man from Pedro is working his magic from every position on the defensive line. "I'm playing both," he said. "On third downs, they move me to defensive end. On running plays, they move me inside but I prefer playing outside. That's my position," said Solomona.

Going from high school ball to the JC ranks has been a transition for Chris, but one he feels has been well worth the effort. "JC has helped me a lot. Things are a bit quicker and bigger than high school. JC has helped me on and off the field. The classes I'm taking at El Camino. It's just been a great opportunity to get better at things on and off the field before going to University."

And after watching games in person and on TV, Solomona also knows that going to D1 will again test his physical and mental makeup, but realizes that El Camino has given him a leg up on the competition coming fresh out of high school. "I know it's going to be a big jump, but it would have been a bigger one out of high school," he said. I feel like I'm in a good position to be a good Division-1 player."

There are some colleges that happen to agree with Chris' assessment. "Arizona, Penn State, Oregon, basically the same schools that have been calling for a while," Solomona said when asked who has been calling the most lately. "My coaches said that Florida State and Tennessee want film of me. I'm not really sure about all of that. My coaches want me to save two trips."

Solomona's schedule has firmed up a bit since our last conversation. "I'm taking a trip to Arizona on the 8th of December, he said. "I talked to Coach (Randy) Hart when they were down for the UCLA game and he wants me to come up to Seattle in the middle of December, so I'm going to do that. I might end up going on the 14th. And I scheduled one with BYU for the 18th of January."

And his leader? No change from our last conversation. "Washington. To this point, I'm still at the same stage. Coach Hart said that I'm going to have a much better trip than the last time. He said, 'You're really going to like the guys we have now. You're going to like everybody. You'll like it twice as much!', so we'll see," said Solomona, punctuating his answer with a laugh.

He then talked more about Hart. "He seems like a cool guy talking about recruiting and off the field, but I have a little mental picture of how it's going to be when we put the pads on. Deep down inside I know he's going to be on us no matter us. He's going to train us hard to get the job done."

We'll be in touch with Chris after he takes his Washington trip so see if he firms up his commitment.

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