Local players close to deciding?

This time of year, following recruiting can be similar to getting on a roller coaster and seeing where you end up. If you think reading about recruiting can be a bit schizophrenic, try being a recruit. For two local players, plenty of twists and turns await them as they get closer to their final decisions.

"You know, it's been such and up and down deal the last couple of days, with different situations, that I'm not leaning toward any one school right now," Michael Gottlieb, the KingCo 3A Defensive Player of the Year told TheInsiders.com Wednesday night.

"Lately I've been talking to Montana. I just took a trip there. I'm also talking to Boise State, Idaho, Eastern Washington and U-Dub (Washington). All those have offered me but U-Dub. I found out today that Boise State got a guy they wanted, so they withdrew their offer.

Right now I'm looking at Idaho and Montana. I'm also considering walking on at the U (Washington). I'm going to take a trip to Idaho this weekend and then weigh my options."

In talking to Cody Balogh, it's clear he's still not sure about which path he wants to choose - go Pac-10 and wait until next January to enroll, or go Sun Belt or Big Sky right now?

One thing appears to be sorting itself out. Oregon, the first to offer the 6-foot 6, 310-pound Balogh, are now on the back burner.

"They cancelled my trip and have had a bit of a falling out," Balogh told TheInsiders.com Wednesday night. "We haven't really talked. The offer is still on the table, though."

Washington, the other Pac-10 team to offer a greyshirt opportunity, called Cody Wednesday night. "Coach (Randy) Hart called," said Balogh. "I have a greyshirt offer from there, so it's a matter of touching base."

If today he had to figure out whether or not he wants to sit and play Pac-10 or drop down and play immediately, what would Cody do? "I couldn't really answer that," he said, truthfully. "It's a hard question. That's why I'm taking the visits."

He's going to Montana this weekend, the last of his official visits. "They are fired up about me," he said. "I'm going to go in there and see how it is this weekend, get a feel for whether or not I want to spend my college career there."

Balogh expects to have a decision 'Probably end of this month.'

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