Vallejo is a man with a plan

<b>Elliott Vallejo</b> is a 6-8, 295-pound offensive lineman from Salinas, California, and while most high school seniors are thinking about things like the prom and what car they want for graduation, Elliot is thinking about bigger, and possibly better, things. For instance, a future at one of the top colleges in the West, free of charge.

"I sent my application to Stanford," Vallejo told "If I'm accepted there, I'll commit." Sounds like a plan, Elliot.

So why a story on a player who seemingly has his path pretty well laid out? In case of an emergency, Elliot has an alternate plan, a plan that just might include the University of Washington.

If (I'm) not (accepted), Washington is my next choice," he said, without hesitation. With Vallejo's size and ability, it's no wonder more colleges haven't found their way to Salinas to check out Palma's biggest Celtic Chieftain.

Elliot power cleans 275 pounds, squats 415 pounds and benches 315. He currently runs a 5.5 40. "I'm explosive and go all out until the whistle blows," explains Vallejo when asked about his style of play. "I'm ruthless and I don't stop. I talk more with my pads but I can get excited too. It all depends on the situation."

Elliot is literally a big reason why Palma is currently in first place in the Monterrey Bay League. Linemen have only one real stat to determine effectiveness. "I don't know the exact number, but I'm averaging around 6 or 7 pancakes a game," Elliot said.

He's not one of those players that just emerged on the scene either. He was All League Honorable Mention last season and took home an impressive piece of hardware this summer. "I went to a lineman camp in Sonoma and won MVP," he said. With over 500 of the finest linemen in attendance from all over the West, it's quite an honor.

Division 1 attention is coming mostly from 5 schools; Stanford, Washington, Washington State, UCLA and San Jose State. The Cardinal and Spartans have already offered full scholarships, and it according to Elliot, both the Huskies and Cougars have said that they will probably offer rides after checking out his film.

"Coach Hundley is recruiting me for Washington," Vallejo said of Washington's defensive coordinator. "He said he came down to Palma and watched me play a basketball game. He said he likes my athleticism and that they are interested in me."

With Elliot's plan still firmly in place, are official visits in the offing? "I'll take my official trips in December," he said. "Stanford, Washington and UCLA are the trips Vallejo is planning on taking. Here are his quick-capsule thoughts on his top three schools.

Stanford - "Well, they have great graduation rates for players and a degree from there is great. And right now they have a good football team."

UCLA - "It's close to home. They have a nice campus and solid academics."

Washington - "They have a good engineering program. I've seen pictures of the campus and it looks nice. They also have a good football program. I checked out the Guide to Colleges and there were a lot of pluses in there for Washington. They rated the school high."

With Vallejo on the verge of making his decision, we'll keep you posted. Top Stories