<b>In Today's Issue:</b> <UL> <li>Heartbreaking Loss For The Cougs </li> <li>Routine Win For The Ducks </li> <li>Bruin Bus Leaves Team At Hotel </li> <li>Lucky Dawgs Back On Top Of League </li> <li>Trees Rise To New Heights</li></UL>

A shocking series of events has propelled America's Team, the Washington Huskies, back to the top of the toughest conference in all the land. The rebuilding Huskies were given up for dead just two weeks ago after a bitter loss to UCLA. Now, with just three league games left, the Huskies are in control of the league, and need to merely win out to repeat as conference champs, their sixth crown in eleven years. Relieved alumni now see a chance to avoid having to buy out the new contract that Rick Neuheisel signed this fall.

Let's take a look at the race, team by team:
Washington State - Well, it was fun while it lasted for the Palouse Posse, as they held sole control of the Pac 10 for at least the 5 minutes between the end of the Stanford UCLA game and the kickoff of the Cougs grudge match with Oregon.

Mike Price defended his controversial 11-man front, attack defense that he deployed to shut down the fierce Duck ground game.

Price explained, " We just didn't have the depth to execute the scheme for the whole game. Several of our guys got tired arms, waving at Onterrio as he ran by."

Prognosis: Critical, no hope for recovery
Oregon - In one of the true feel good stories of the year, Onterrio "Choir Boy" Smith ran wild over the Cougars for a school record 285 yards. Onterrio actually sat out a half of an earlier game to participate in a Feed The Needy campaign in Eugene. It is nice to see the good guys get rewarded, but that is common at Oregon, a program that prides itself on doing it the right way.

Smith, an elusive runner, with power and speed, made the Coug defense look like they were on dope, as he weaved his way down the field like a drunken driver. Let's just say the Cougs flunked that test, as the Sacramento Sensation slapped them around.

This writer is saddened that local columnists in the Seattle papers chose to dwell on negatives like Onterrio's checkered past. You won't find that kind of character assassination in these pages.

Joey Harrington showed no outward jealousy at being upstaged by the latest Hesiman hopeful in Eugene, although he was later overheard in the locker room, screaming "Billboard, Baby!" Coach Bellotti was pleased that the best team on the field won the game.

Prognosis: On life support, UCLA looms
UCLA - The laid back Bruins missed the bus to the game, so Coach Bob Toledo was forced to suit up the Drill Team for the first half. By the time the Bruins showed up, they found a 21-point deficit too much to make up. That's what happens to teams that win blow outs all year, they just don't have that comeback flair like some teams we know.

In a classy gesture, Ty Willingham offered Bob Toledo a job after the season. Bob responded by firing the bus driver and equipment manager, as well as his 17th defensive coordinator in the last 4 years.

Prognosis: Good, if they don't fall asleep again
Stanford - The Destroyers of Autzen returned home to destroy the Bruins dreams of perfection, with an impressive rout of the lackluster Cubbies. Kerry Carter, Brian Allen, Teyo Johnson and company are on a roll, with a great deal of confidence.

Now their sights are set on Seattle and another streak to break. No Card player was alive the last time Stanford won at Husky Stadium, unless Chris Weinke is on the team. Ty Willingham is 0-2 against his intellectual inferior, Neuheisel, another streak that is sure to stick in Ty's craw. Do Stanford men have craws?

Prognosis: Very good – Beat UW and make those Tempe reservations.
Washington - By far the least impressive of the contenders, we enter another week of waiting for this over rated, defensively inept, can't run the ball, lucky team to come crashing to earth.

The Huskies survived a rather boring game with ASU with yet another last second field goal. Ho hum. Hasn't anyone at Husky HQ ever heard of varying the story line once in awhile? Cody Pickett literally rode the back of his O line on a routine 90 yard drive that ate the clock and set up John Anderson.

Willie Hurst was the man on the ground, and gave renewed hope to the dormant Husky running game.

Prognosis: How can these guys still be in it during a re-building year? Especially when the Ducks were picked to win the league, and now have to once again share the spotlight with those G^$ D$# Huskies.
Shake Out Saturday: November 3

UCLA – 31 WSU – 30
The Bruins bounce back a bit higher than the Cougars, as DeShaun Foster gets back on track with a 400 yard rushing game.

ASU – 48 Oregon – 45
Dirk Koetter gets one on his former boss, as a warm front hits Eugene, making the Devils think they are back in Tempe where they rang up 700 yards on the Ducks. Onterrio Smith runs for 250 yards, and helps 25 little old ladies cross the street.

Washington – 27 Stanford – 24
Huskies take the inside track with a 4th quarter comeback that features, well, you all know the story by now.
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