Quaker upbeat despite injury

Franklin's <b>Jordan Slye</b> hasn't been playing football since their third game of the season, but that hasn't stopped colleges from recruiting the 6-5, 210 pound Quarterback just as hard as if he was throwing for 300 yards a game.

"Not really," Jordan told Dawgman.com when asked if fractured left fibula has been a deterrant in his recruitment. "Everybody's still talking to me."

So what exactly did happen to Slye during the game against Inglemoor? "I just got tackled and landed wrong," Jordan said. He's had to sit out the rest of the season, but remains upbeat. "It's in a walking boot right now. It'll be off in a week or two. It hasn't been too bad."

What will be interesting to see is whether or not Jordan can still keep his 4.5 speed after such a debilitating injury. He starts lifting this week to work on getting his leg back into shape.

Slye also runs track and has a 22.0 200 meter PR and a 51.5 400 meter PR. He's still unsure if he wants to pursue track in college.

So if schools haven't been deterred, it makes sense that Slye is still talking to the same schools that he was earlier in the fall. "Washington, Washington State, Michigan and Nebraska," Jordan said, when asked about the top schools calling him. "Portland State has called too." He currently has offers from the Huskies and the Wolverines.

Here's Slye's thoughts on each of the four main schools recruiting him.

Nebaska - "Well, they run the same offense we do, the veer and option, so I think I could do well there."

Michigan - "What can you say? They have a good school and a good football program."

Washington - "It's much the same thing as Nebraska. They run the option a bit."

Washington State - "Well, they are doing pretty good right now. I like their coaching staff."

And has Jordan been thinking about what he is looking for in a college? He has. "I'm basically going to be looking at the different offers and the academics," he said.

Jordan plans on taking official trips to all of his favorites, but no dates have been set up yet. He has already been to two Washington home games. "I've been to a couple of games," said Slye. "The Michigan game and the USC game."

While Slye isn't a stranger to Husky Stadium, getting a chance to experience a game as a recruit afforded him a new perspective. "I've been to a couple before, but it was different," he said. "Just getting a chance to go down on the field and watch the players warm up. That was cool."

And the biggest thing he took from the games? "Just how into it everybody is," he said. "It's amazing."

Jordan is also planning on catching another game, but this time it's going to be on the other side of the state. "I'm going to Washington State to see the game this weekend (against UCLA)," he said.

Jordan hasn't said yes or no to anybody yet, and does not profess a favorite. We'll be in touch with him soon to find out about official visit dates.

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