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Here come the Trees, lumbering into Seattle. Stanford is probably the hottest team in the Pac-10 after having knocked off #4 and #5 in the country on back-to-back weekends. Now they enter the Dawghouse. Here is how the staff feels about the game Saturday with the Stanford Cardinal.

Staff Predictions for Washington vs. Stanford

Derek Johnson, Columnist - And so begins a new era in the Dawgman family, with the birth of baby Gunnar. A special, special time. I know that the day I was born, Washington went on to destroy Navy 56-7. So it is in this same spirit, as well as in anticipation of a Washington team that is improving offensively, that I think history here will repeat itself at Husky Stadium. Pass out them cigars!

Washington 56, Stanford 7

Kim Grinolds, Business Operations & Photography - Does anybody, other than a Stanford, fan really believe that the Cardinal can play their third game in a row at the high level that they have the past two weeks? Not I. Cody is proving to everybody that he is a winner. I think Tui left Coach Axman a little bit of that magic in a bottle from last year to pass along to Cody. It's going to be another wild one folks. Cody and the receivers will put up big numbers again. Also look for Larry to be possessed. He only has two home games left and expect him to go out with a bang. Also, watch out for that damn tree. Dawgs pull it out and score an insurance TD late.

Washington 35, Stanford 24

Rick Samek, Columnist - It's time once again for this weeks' rendition of "Cardiac Canines". When we last left off, Cody had to clear a blocked artery in seven minutes, leaving Johnny just enough time to close and save our four-legged hero. So what does famed scriptist Rick Neuheisel have in his thrill folio this week? No, I'm pretty sure the "Moon-to-Gaines" remake premieres in two weeks. Well, Washington hasn't won one yet on an untimed down ... And to think, now we have a game where the match-ups are all terrific, one that screams another quadruple-bypass forthcoming. It would be cool if someone decided to buck the odds and call it a rout for someone. But I'm certain nobody is going to call one that way the rest of the year. And I'm not, either. Would you? So, without further ado, here's ......... What? Pre-emptied by an ABC special "Mike Garrett's 'A Homecoming Carroll'"??

Washington 38, Stanford 36

OK...so this isn't really Fetters
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-chief - The best game in the country that no one will see (at least not yet). The Cardinal shocked just about everyone but themselves with a thoroughly impressive 38-28 win over UCLA at the Farm, catapulting Stanford from outsider to legitimate contender. What was even more amazing was that they dismantled a top-5 team with their second-string QB. Chris Lewis made all the little things happen, as he went 20-29 for 250 yards and three scores. But he also did give up three picks, so if Washington can get to him early and often, they may be able to rattle the young signal-caller. What the Huskies may not be able to control is just how well the Cardinal run, especially if Brian Allen and Kerry Carter work hard behind that experienced offensive line. They went for over 200 yards on the ground against a UCLA defense that was normally very stingy against the run. If Owen Biddle can get away with cheating up on the line like he did last week, that extra defender up close just might help the Huskies neutralize the run enough so that they put it all on Lewis' arm to get the job done. Chris has legit weapons, like Teyo Johnson, Ryan Wells and Luke Powell, but Lewis will have to be money on his passes. Offensively for the Dawgs, what separated shoulder? All Cody Pickett has done in the last two games is throw for 707 yards and 5 scores. The Cardinal secondary has given up almost 1700 yards in 6 games through the air. That, and the reemergence of the wave, should be enough to keep UW's 10-game home winning streak against the 'Trees intact, but it will be a helluva battle. Another John Anderson cardiac kick?

Washington 37, Stanford 34

Pat Thrapp, Columnist - If I follow my head I think UW loses. If I follow my heart I think UW wins. Stanford has really done well the last 2 weeks. Everything points to a Stanford win. Yet I just can't fully believe it. I have seen too many nail biters that come up roses for the guys wearing purple. So in my best homer tradition, coupled with my natural pessimism, I say UW will beat Stanford.

Washington 35, Stanford 34

Cameron Stevens, Columnist - We have a very tough stretch of games coming up, starting with this one. But I'm hopeful that we can win at least three of them, including this one, because I saw improvement last week. And I think that can continue this week. We'll need to see a repeat of our rush defense efforts against ASU this week. If we can do that, Cody and his receivers can out-duel Chris Lewis and his receivers. Derek McLaughlin and John Anderson will also have to come up big, as special teams may be the deciding factor in this one. Aren't we due for a big special teams return? The Dawgs will cut down the Trees. Timber!

Washington 34, Stanford 31

Joe Kaiser, Husky Beat Writer - No team in the country is hotter than the Stanford Cardinal, at team that hasn't won at Husky Stadium since 1975. Something will have to give when the two meet on Saturday. The Cardinal will look to establish the run early with their two big backs, Brian Allen and Kerry Carter, to set up the pass to a talented receiving corps. No Husky defender matches up with Stanford's 6-7 receiver Teyo Johnson, and The Tree will look to utilize the former Mariner High School star's height advantage. Washington will need another top-notch performance from quarterback Cody Pickett and also need someone to step up in the backfield. Will the Husky offensive line continue to show signs of improvement and open up holes for Willie Hurst and Rich Alexis? They'll have to for the Huskies to win. The Husky defense will need to force Stanford to play their game, but in the end the Cardinal's explosive offensive and senior-led defense will prove to be just a bit too much to handle for the Dawgs.

Stanford 31, Washington 28

Dave Samek, Dawgman - It's been quite a week. I haven't really slept in a while so I'm going by gut feel on this game. And the gut says that Washington just doesn't lose at home. Certainly not to Stanford. The Cardinal is the hottest team in the Pac-10 and will enter Husky Stadium brimming with confidence. They'll even take a lead, but what lead is really safe against Washington? In their house? With John Anderson and Cody Pickett staring at you in the face, ready to steal victory out of the jaws of defeat? Is it luck? Me thinks not, but then again, me hasn't slept in two days. Take the Dawgs in – what else – a close one. Last week I mentioned that I thought Paul Arnold would be a tough match up for ASU. This week, watch out for Reggie Williams as he eats the smallish Stanford secondary for lunch, if I don't miss my mark.

Washington 30, Stanford 28

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