Another Arnold Montlake-Bound?

Husky fans remember what a huge coup it was when Paul Arnold verbally committed to Washington. Well, there just might be another Arnold headed to <b>Washington</b>, but the resemblance to Paul ends there.

Unlike Paul's svelte frame, Darrel Arnold is a 6-3 270 mountain of a man from Peoria, Arizona, and he attends Sunrise Mountain High School.

"I just like the aggressiveness," Darrel told when asked what he likes about football. "It's just a great sport."

Darrel runs a 5.5 40, benches 275 pounds, squats 450 pounds and has a 250-pound power clean to his credit. He is considered a solid pass blocker. "Pass blocking comes easiest to me," said Arnold when asked about the strength of his game.

He tries to maintain focus on the field. "Well, sometimes, when we play our rivals, like Centennial, I can get really aggressive and vocal, but most of the time I try to stay calm, not try to get too jumpy," he said.

Sunrise Mountain hasn't had the season they would have liked. "We were 1-5 to start the Season. We had a really rough start," Arnold said. "We've lost some close games to some good teams."

The 'rough start' Darrel and his teammates have endured hasn't hurt Arnold's college Recruiting activity. Arnold has even taken a proactive approach to let schools know about him. "I've sent a highlight tape out to a lot of D1 schools like Washington, Colorado State and Washington State, and some D2 schools, like Northern Arizona," he said.

Those schools have taken notice, especially the Huskies. "(UW Quarterbacks Coach) Steve Axman calls a lot, talks about the school," said Arnold. "I talk to Coach Axman and the Colorado State coaches the most. I also went to Northern Arizona to see them play Montana. Teams like Oregon and Oregon State have sent letters, but I haven't talked to them."

Have any of the major D1 schools offered Arnold a scholarship yet? "I don't have any D1 offers," Darrel said. "They are all waiting to see my tape first."

With his interest in the Huskies, you would have thought that Arnold had a ticket in hand to watch last weekend's Arizona State-Washington match up. You would have been wrong. "Well, to be honest, I was watching the World Series," Darrel said with a chuckle. "I really thought Washington was going to win in a blowout."

While Arnold's interest in the Huskies appears obvious, the local Lumberjacks also have his attention. "Washington is looking good, and NAU is looking good too," he said. "My parents went there and I have friends there, but it's hard to pass up the opportunity to play D1 ball. NAU said that if things don't work out I can always go there and walk-on for my first year."

When asked about the major state schools, Darrel sounds a bit mystified. "It's kind of weird. Arizona sent letters but never called like Washington has. To be honest, they were never my #1 choice."

He has named a leader. "I'd say Washington is my leader."

We will be in touch with Darrel when he makes his official trip dates known. Top Stories