Hoops report

Two things were extremely evident today as the Huskies prepared for their weekend series with the Oregon schools. The coaches are not satisfied with the team's recent level of success, and the Oregon Ducks are at the forefront of the minds of everyone in the Husky basketball program.

The team got off to a somewhat lackadaisical start today after beginning practice with a few extra minutes in the team room. That was quickly run out of the dawgs by a coaching staff that was having none of it. The smallest defensive lapse in the early drills brought on lines for the guilty party. Offensive rebounds allowed by the defense incurred the same penalty.

The Huskies practiced against the sets they felt Oregon would focus on. The Husky coaches mentioned Ian Crosswhite, James Davis, and Duck star Luke Jackson by name to identify some of the Oregon threats.

In an effort to inject some energy into the practice the Husky coaches called for War Rebounds, a drill that often results in multiple bodies on the floor and scuffles gallore. War rebounds incorporates ten players in a five on five melee that begins with five purple players under the hoop and five gold players at the three-point line. A coach will intentionally miss a shot badly while the five gold players all crash the boards. The ensuing madness can go 92 feet the other way or simply end in a put back.

There was more than one scrum for a loose ball which brought smiles to the faces of the coaches.

Perhaps in response to the Huskies' poor shooting performance Saturday at UCLA, the Huskies followed with 20 minutes of shooting drills. The final four of those minutes being a timed contest in groups of three.

Defense is usually the order of the day late in practice sessions, but today the offensive sets and execution were focused on. One huge factor that can't be overlooked when comparing this team to last year's is the amount of practice bodies.

This season there are 15 healthy bodies hitting the floor every day. That allows many of the ones to run against a team also made up of players who are also in the rotation.

While Oregon has been known as a run and gun team in the Ernie Kent era, don't look for conditioning to be a factor that hinders the Huskies on Thursday. Since day one of the Lorenzo Romar era the Huskies have been running hard, and today was no exception.

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