It was another incredible Husky win in the fourth quarter. We went into both locker rooms and got some player and coach feedback on Washington's 42-28 victory over Stanford. Here is what they had to say.

Chris Massey

On defense not allowing points after the two turnovers: "The defense had to step it up. The offense gave the ball over twice and the defense did a great job holding them. It gives us power. It kind of turns the game over and gives the offense back the ball. Then, hopefully the offense can score and they did."

On the team's unsung heroes: "When guys get injured or somebody else goes down, there is a spot that needs to be taken over. And so when guys have to step it up, we always have somebody there and they will push real hard. They do a great job, like Pat Reddick today. He had a good game.

Kyle Benn

On win giving the team confidence: "It definitely gives us confidence going into these final three games. But, we have to be careful to not go in there flying too high. We have to stay focused and worry about Oregon State. They are a good team that has had some bad breaks. Like every other team, they are going to come in playing their best against us."

On magnitude of Saturday's win: "This is a very big win. They knocked off UCLA, a team that kicked the crap out of us, and Oregon, who is always a good team. I am just happy as hell right now. They put up a fight and we got some good breaks. Everything bounced in our favor. I am going to enjoy it for a day or two and then we are going to start thinking about Oregon State."

On progress of the offensive line: "I think we have come a ways. We have a long ways to go. I think athletically, we were always there. But in our preparation and how we anticipate a defense and how we start a game, I think that has gotten a lot better. Also, the way we come out and establish things early instead of playing catch up … but, obviously, we end up playing catch up anyway (laughs)."

Larry Tripplett:

On defensive stops after the turnovers: "Oh man, it is always huge. Those are momentum swings. Because when a team gets a turnover like that and ends up putting it into the endzone, that is momentum for them. And for us to do that on defense, that was huge for us."

On stopping the run: "That was our goal, man. I am telling you, on almost every play, I was playing run. We were just trying to stop the run, we were in our gaps, and it was good for us to do that today."

On Cardinal QB Chris Lewis: "He is good because he is very athletic. In the years down the road, future Husky teams are going to have to battle with that guy. He is going to be a good one."

On worrying about team moral after the injury: "Yah, most definitely, I was worried. We had those same types of feelings that we had with Curtis. You never want to see anybody taken off by a stretcher. It was horrible. All I kept saying to myself was just move a foot, move a hand, throw your hand up or something and let us know that everything is okay. Coach Neuheisel really showed his leadership. He came and brought us together and explained to us that we had a lot of football to play and we could think about this after the game. He told us to keep focused and do the job at hand."

On being a big win: "We beat a very, very good team. I am just happy we had them here at Husky Stadium where we have all those fans behind us. The fans really came through for us this week. It was a big win for us."

On looking ahead: "All I can think about is Oregon State. I told the guys that I wish we could start practicing right now. Each game is huge now, they keep getting bigger and bigger. I don't care about the polls, they mean nothing to us.

On play of the defense: "I think we still have more. Besides the 80-yard run, I think we improved against the run. But we still gave up a lot of yards and this defense can play much better."

Greg Carothers:

On injury to Hodari: "It was scary, especially for this team, because we have seen it happen. We have seen a player of ours get knocked down and not get up from it. I was scared. But seeing his toes move and seeing his body move, made it a lot better. We didn't have to worry about him, we knew he was going to be okay. You come out as a defense and you want to put hits on people, but you don't want it to cause a serious injury. Obviously, you want to be aggressive and you want to be knocking people down, but you want everybody getting back up at the end of the day."

On leading the team in tackles: "I was just told that I led the team in tackles, but I also missed a couple. That is what I am trying to improve. I need to take my shot and make sure I wrap up and, hopefully, I can fix that."

On keeping the faith: "This is a good team. We have a really good coaching staff. We have a lot of heart on this team and it has showed for the past two years. Last year was a really magical season with the things that happened. And this year, we have been doing the things we need to do to win games. The people that wrote us off, hopefully they are back with us. We need all the fans we can get."

On intensity of crowd: "The crowd was real loud. We have real supportive fans. I love the fans here. They all come in and pack the stadium. It gets real loud here. It really does help us. The crowd alone can make a difference in the game because of what they can do to the other team's offense."

Ben Mahdavi:

On enjoying the victory: "I enjoyed watching the offense play well. And I can't not enjoy the fact that our defense was swarming around the ball and getting bodies on guys. It is fun to see your team execute the way they know how."

"On the defense, we just have to trust each other. The offense didn't get it down on those drives so it was in our hands. It was a team deal. We knew we had to put the ball back into the offense's hands because we have faith in them. Everybody makes mistakes and it just so happens that the ball didn't roll our way on those fumbles. I think we had their back when they needed it and they had our back when we needed it."

On a quality Stanford opponent: "Chris Lewis is a competitor and their running backs, I can't say enough about them. They are hard runners and physical guys. I love playing in this type of game and against those kinds of running backs. Those guys bring it to you. When you hit one of those guys, you know you are getting good wood on them because they bring it. It is fun."

Willie Hurst:

"Coming into the game, we knew we would have our hands full. They had the best rush defense in the conference and one of the better defenses in the nation. Coach Gilbertson told us that we were going to go straight at them, a downhill attack. The offensive line did a great job today in handling their defense. I just had the easy part, and that's running."

On the team effort: "We have each other's backs. When the offense isn't doing so well, the defense steps it up, and vice versa. It is a never-say-die attitude, we are never going to quit."

On thinking of playing last game in Husky Stadium: "It has gone by so fast. I can remember my first game here and now it is coming down to the end. I have had a great time here. Hopefully, I can go out with a bang."

On getting the offense back on track: "We have a tendency to sputter when the game gets tight. We don't really put teams away. The offense got together and said that we need to get this going. We let them back into the game, so let's go, and we did exactly that."

On needing to run the ball: "I think we had to run the ball to win. They were playing the pass pretty well. They batted balls down in crucial situations today. The run just kept them honest, it kept them off of our receivers. I think it was a great game called by the coaches."

Kevin Ware:

On catch to set up go-ahead TD: "It was just a little delay play where I go out on a route, delay a little bit, and release. Actually, I thought I was open and I thought I was ready to get into the endzone, but obviously not. I took a pretty good shot, but I got up and shook it off. Everything was all good, we got into the endzone a couple of plays later."

On doing his part: "It is a team game, everybody has to do their part. I came to this school to be a player and I consider myself doing that. If a player falls, you have to step up and do the job and hold it down just like he would. It feels really good to contribute. I got hurt last year and didn't really contribute much. It's good to be back into it."

Cody Pickett:

On the sore shoulder: "We ran the option down to our endzone one time and that was a bit shot. He picked me up and put me right down on my shoulder. It was a bit hit, that was probably the toughest hit I took. I didn't even look to the sidelines, I just shook it off. We came back and the next pass I threw was a fade."

On Paul Arnold's big miss: "In the locker room, we always joke about how many balls I am not throwing him. But on the field, you just have to shrug it off because you can't let it affect you for the rest of the game. He came back and had a great catch down the left sidelines to make up for it."

On the varying game plan: "If you ask me, I would like to throw on every down. As many times as we can throw the ball, that's great. But, you have to be flexible. Football is a game of strategy and that is what the coaches are here for. If not, we would just draw them up in the dirt and run around. The coaches come up with different schemes to try and stop you, and they did. They played a lot of cover two early, then they took that away and made adjustments. It worked."

On great play this season: "I feel confident. Ever since the Idaho game last year when I got a couple of reps, I feel confident. My offensive line is playing great and I have tons of confidence in my receivers. They will go get the ball for me. I just have to go out there and try to make as few mistakes as I can."

Stanford Head Coach Tyrone Willingham:

On playing Oregon, UCLA and Washington: "We knew this was a heck of a conference. There is no surprise in that the three teams we played were three very good football teams, as we consider ourselves a good football team. We knew all that before this season got started."

On being out of the title hunt: "I think this loss does affect the things that we started out the season believing we could accomplish. Because in this conference, it is almost a rarity that a team wins the conference title with two losses, and we had two losses the last time I checked. That goal is probably removed from our list of things we can accomplish."

On UW's running game: "They were not very effective in running the football. Early in the ballgame, they did a great job at executing their option attack and gaining some yardage. At some point, they were still limited in terms of their rushing yardage. I think the last two drives may have added to that, and particularly the last run added to that. But I thought our guys still were doing a good job at defending their run game."

On not being able to stop Huskies on go-ahead TD drive: "I think you have to make sure that you understand, and we do, that this is a good football team that we played. They are going to do some things right. We believe that we are good and we tried to counter, but sometimes you are not able to counter as well as you'd like to. We would have loved to have gotten a stop there. Our guys probably gave their best effort to do it and sometimes the execution fell just a little bit short. You've got to step up and make those critical plays at that time to give you a chance to win. They did a better job than we did at making those critical plays."

Stanford WR Teyo Johnson:

On the crowd noise: "You really see what they mean by the 12th man. We had a similar situation in Oregon and I think this stadium was a little bit louder. But it didn't affect us as far as play calling at all. But it was nice being in that kind of environment."

On not taking advantage of opportunities: "Take nothing away from UW, they are a great team, but we feel we beat ourselves today. We had a lot of opportunities to capitalize on and we just didn't do it. The defense created a lot of turnovers in their territory and we just needed to put the ball in the endzone when then happens. And we didn't. We had two missed field goals. The fourth down conversions just didn't happen and, if they did, it might have been a different story."

After tying the game at 28 all: "We definitely thought we had the moment. We felt like we were finally starting to capitalize on our opportunities. But Washington is a great fourth quarter team. We talked all week about how good they were in the fourth quarter and they proved that today."

Comparing Washington, UCLA, Oregon, and Washington State: "I would have to say that Washington was probably the best defensive team we have faced. Washington, UCLA and Oregon are all very explosive offensive teams. But Washington kept us below 30 points and they scored more than 30 points. They had a very good game plan for us. They broke up passes when they needed to and they made plays when they needed to."

On returning home: "It was a little strange because growing up my brothers brought me on the sidelines with them when they were recruits. I have been to Husky Stadium since I was little and it was weird walking down the tunnel as a player for the first time. It is something you dream about to play in this type of arena."

Stanford QB Chris Lewis:

On the Husky defense: "These guys are really quick. They move around really well. They are very tenacious. They love to hit you, but they are nice guys. I get a pat on the helmet each time they hit me. It is just a game where we made too many mistakes and didn't make the plays when we needed to. And if you do that, you can't win."

On scoring no points after the Husky turnovers: "It was more than frustrating. We have a great offense and we need to show people that. When you have the ball in the red zone and you can't score, that doesn't say much about your offense." Top Stories