Catching up with Rich Alexis

The NFL combine starts Wednesday for those looking for their shot at fame, their one chance to show teams that they have what it takes to make it in the league. One player we'll be rooting for is former Husky Rich Alexis. We caught up with Rich right before he was set to leave his home in Florida for Indianapolis and the RCA Dome. As it was when Alexis arrived at Montlake four years ago - raw and relatively untested - he's still looking to prove himself even today.

"It's really nice to be home," Rich said. "It's nice to see the sun out every day. I've been training really hard and working with a personal trainer, doing a lot of drills to get faster and stronger."

Alexis is down to 211 pounds, and hopes his slimmer physique will allow him to put down a 40 time to get scouts' heads turning. "I've dropped a lot of weight," he said. "I just need to get a fast forty under by belt. I've never questioned my speed."

Glenn Schwartzman is Alexis' agent. "I think I signed with him back in early January," recalled Rich. "He's with Alliance Sports." Schwartzman's higher-profile clients include Marcus Pollard and Brian Finneran from the NFL and Darrell Armstrong from the NBA.

"He's not a flashy guy," Rich said of Schwartzman. "He didn't try to impress me with stuff like cars. I wanted to work for what I got. I wanted a person that wanted me to work first before I got anything. I could have gone for someone else and had a more lavish lifestyle, but that's not the person I am."

Rich expects to see some familiar faces in Indy. "Reggie (Williams), he'll be there for sure," said Alexis. "And Roc (Alexander) for sure, I've talked to him. And Cody (Pickett), Terry Johnson, Marquis (Cooper) - they should all be there.

The combine runs through Saturday and Alexis plans on staying all the way through so all 32 teams get a lot of chances to see him up close and personal.

"It's going to be fun to see all those faces again," he said. "We'll see if we can go out there and represent U-Dub the way we can."

Are there any particular marks or goals Rich is setting for himself at the combine? "No marks," he said. "The key for me is to just run a really fast 40 time. I'm confident in my abilities as a football player. I just need to show people that. And I want to make sure that I answer everyone's questions straight up."

Draftee or free agent? That's not a question that concerns Rich right now. All he wants is the same opportunity he was given at Washington. "I'd love to get drafted, that would be great," he said. "But if it doesn't happen and I go as a free agent, then that's how it happens. I really am not paying too much attention to all that.

"I just need one shot and I'm going to make the most out of it. Whoever wants to take me, I'm willing to go anywhere and do whatever it takes." Top Stories